21 December 2016


Manis App

Do you love shopping like I do? What if I tell you there is a mobile app that rewards us every single time we shop, eat and play? Yes, with Manis app, you can do that! Shop while earning rewards, that sounds great right?

What is Manis?
So, what is Manis? Manis is the mobile app we all have been waiting for your universal loyalty points, in one simple app! This awesome mobile app has amazing features - Snap & Earn, Cash Vouchers, Spending Tracker and more! Fret not, Manis is simple to use and the best part is, it is now easier than ever to earn your rewards!

How Does It Work?
How to earn rewards? Easy! Use Manis to snap your receipts and earn Manis points! What receipts? Almost any receipts throughout the whole of Malaysia that you get when you shop, eat or play! Snap them all within 24 hours to earn sweet Manis points!

Friends, remember do not throw your valuable receipts away before snapping them to earn your Manis points! Yes, receipts is finally valuable for us! Normally I just keep receipts for claims purpose. Now I need to make sure I keep all the receipts so I can earn points at Manis.

Enjoy Rewards
What to do with Manis points? This is where it gets exciting - redeem vouchers! From mobile-top-ups, movie tickets, F&B vouchers to shopping vouchers and more! Thrilled? There is more! Manis also gives you free vouchers and exclusive promotions from your favourite merchants! (Noted: this does not require any Manis points.) We know~ This is too good to be true! With Manis, you can truly be rewarded wherever, whenever you shop, eat and play.

Get Rewarded
Ever wonder what you spend your money on? Well, one of Manis's many attractive features is Spending Tracker! You can know kill two birds with one stone by tracking all your retail purchases and get rewarded for doing it! Want to find out more about this amazing mobile app? Watch the video below for more info.

Want to be the lucky winner of something big? Manis is giving away three brand new iphone 7s and more exciting rewards! Simple invite your family and friends to join Manis, and stand a chance to walk away with the latest gadget and more cool stuff! Download Manis > Sign up > Invite your family and friends. That's it! You may check out their video here for more info : https://goo.gl/qqrRAB

Oh yeah, did we tell you that it is completely free? Yes, you read that right! It is free to download Manis! Download today and start having a sweeter life with Manis : https://bnc.It/AwKm/SZaWIEXfly

This is why, life is sweeter with Manis.

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