19 December 2016 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur

There is at present a lot more to become discovered in Kuala Lumpur than just the illustrious Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower, especially for someone like yourself who just found a condo for rent in KL and decided to stay a wee bit longer in this beautiful city. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will cover 10 hidden gems in Kuala Lumpur that will let you find out a side of the town which you have in no way seen previously.

1. Kuala Lumpur Heritage Trail

Merdeka Square
On the exterior, Kuala Lumpur appears as though it has always been sparkly and new, however, dig a bit deeper and you will discover that its colonial origins are still there. Wend your path down the memory lane by journeying through the core of Kuala Lumpur. A stroll lasting from 3 to 4 hours, check out all the landmark structures remaining from the colonial period all around the Merdeka Square beginning from Central Market leading right up to Wisma Ekran.

2. Sekeping Serendah Retreat

Sekeping Serendah
Sekeping Serendah is a forest retreat located about an hour drive from KL city center. If you are getting bored with the loud, noisy and congested city surroundings, Sekeping Serendah might be the best place to escape to. Worth nothing also is that you will no be able to connect to wifi and TV, probably a good idea to get you disconnected from the digital world and start connecting with friends and families.

3. Petaling Street

Petaling Street
A long term fixture in this hectic city, Petaling Street is likewise referred to as Chinatown; however, it is more well-known for its day-to-day night markets. You don't need to be worries about rain or sun right here; the government has built roofing over the entire street, enabling the pedestrians to fully appreciate their experience here. Ensure to always bargain while buying any item rom the dozens of shops here so as to get the very best bargains.

4. Sekinchan

Theoretically not really within Kuala Lumpur but instead a part of Selangor, this particular location is known for it is apparently limitless stretch of paddy fields. Numerous couples prefer to visit this location to be able to shoot their own wedding ceremony pictures because of its gorgeous natural environment. Driving here from the center of Kuala Lumpur takes about 90 minutes; however, it is worthwhile for you to escape the hectic metropolis.

5. Street Craft along the Klang River Banks

Street Craft along the Klang River Banks
The banks of the Klang River put on an unlikely ornamentation, some vibrant street art representing graphics that resonate with the present-day social as well as political issues of Malaysia. Although not stringently a tourist destination, you have a confess that the graffiti there is inspiring and also visually satisfying.

6. Batu Caves

Batu Caves
Each year, the Thaipusam celebration is organized at the Batu Caves, where Hindu believers come to offer their respects and commence their rituals. Committed to Lord Murugan, the caves as well as grottoes are amazing works of nature whilst the 42.8-metre-tall sculpture of Lord Murugan stands tall outside the caves. Climb the 274 concrete steps to get to the Temple Cave at its summit.

7. Thean Hou Temple

Thean Hou Temple 
This particular temple is well known for being the trusted spot for Buddhist lovers looking to tie the knot. Over here, they have got a registrar of marriage where aspirant couples can sign as well as seal their love and devotion to one another. The structure is amazing, generates a winning combo of contemporary designs with conventional elements that adds a wonderful touch to the photo souvenirs.

8. Brickfields

Passionately recognized as Little India to the local people, this township gets this name because of it hosting a huge number of Indian inhabitants as well as businesses. Visit this particular area in case you are searching for genuine Indian food to excite your taste buds, buy some top quality saris and also spices or simply drink in the vibrant surroundings here.

9. No Black Tie

No Black Tie
Amongst Kuala Lumpur's most widely recognized watering holes, No Black Tie is famous for holding a wide range of performing arts that vary from classicial, jazz, country, blues and several others. It is the ideal place to hang out and take pleasure in a vibrant, soulful performance that changes almost every day.

10. Heli Lounge Bar

Heli Lounge Bar
Having a glass of wine or cold beer on a helipad while gazing the sunset over the majestic KL Tower? You can surely enjoy the luxury with Heli Lounge Bar, a helipad themed bar offering you a 360 degree outdoor view of KL City. Chilling behind a closed door is too mainstream? You might want to try Heli Lounge Bar for a change!

Just try to find a condo for rent in KL for staying comfortably while visiting this amazing city and have a time of your life!

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