12 December 2016 Macau


Macau Trip Day 4
Finally I blog about my final day aka Day 4 in Macao (Macau). Although just a short trip but I will miss all the delicious foods and beautiful heritages here. Today, I'm going to cover more about The Venetian Macao and Rua do Cunha. Continue reading to find out more.

Special thanks to Sofitel Hotel At Ponte 16 for the lovely stay. I enjoy the comfy stay and the professional services. I strongly recommend you guys to stay here for your next visit. Although the price range might be a little pricey, but it totally worth of what you've paid.

Sofitel Hotel At Ponte 16

Sofitel Hotel At Ponte 16

Since this is my last stay. Of course I took some beautiful photos at outside before I check out. Guess what, all these photos I taken with my Casio Exilim FR100 camera! Feel so blessed I got this camera sponsored. With this, I no need someone to take photo for me.

The Venetian Macao
(The Venetian Macao)
After finished our breakfast at hotel and checked out, we visit The Venetian Macao again. If you read my first day itinerary then you will know we visited here before. However, we just went there to grab our lunch. This time, we will be walk around to explore more about this place. Of course, take picture with the famous river in the house is a must-take photo when you pay a visit.

The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao
All the interior are so beautiful here! I'm really impress with the owner spend so much effort on this building. All the details are well done. If you plan to visit here in future, don't forget to take picture as much as you could.

[ The Venetian Macao ]
Location : The Venetian Macao
How to get here : Please visit this link

Rua do Cunha
(Rua do Cunha)
Yes, we head back to Rua do Cunha again. This is one of my favourite street in Macao. Full of delicious foods and attractive souvenirs. A must-visit place before we went to our country.

Rua do Cunha

Rua do Cunha

Rua do Cunha
Fall in love with my Uniqlo top as it is so comfy. In case you guys don't know yet, I'm a huge fans of Uniqlo! The reason is because they produce clothing in good quality and reasonable price range.

Estabelecimento de Comidas Hong Kei
(Estabelecimento de Comidas Hong Kei)

Lunch @ Estabelecimento de Comidas Hong Kei
We grab our lunch at Estabelecimento de Comidas Hong Kei. Wow, what a long name huh? Lol. It is just located at Rua do Cunha. What we having here are my drink (lemon soda), fried prawn with vegetables, fried fish, fried chicken, seafood with gravy and bitter gourd with fish. We had a pleasant meals here.

See Kei Cafe
(See Kei Cafe)
After finished our lunch, we decided to grab a drink before we leave. We take a walk and discover the popular shop - See Kei Cafe which served coffee boiled by claypot. Obviously, you know why this shop is popular. Simply because they boil the coffee with claypot. They also serving other beverages such as milk tea and many more. If you're a coffee person, maybe you can give it a try.

[ Taipa Village ]
Opening hours : Daily | 10am - 10pm
Ticket information : Please visit this link

Waiting at Macau Airport
We are waiting to onboard at Macao Airport. Special thanks to Macao Tourism for this pleasant and fun media trip. I'm truly glad that I'm invited and appreciate for all the arrangement. If you planning to visit Macao in future. I strongly suggest you to stay at least one night in Macao instead just one day trip. They are many beautiful places for you to visit and one day is not enough. That's all for my Macao trip itinerary. Feel free to drop me a comment if you have any other question. Or, you can watch my travel vlog and my other travel itineraries below. XOXO.



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