30 September 2016

    Althea, represent the beauty of Korea and delivers authentic K-beauty items to the world. If you guys read my previous post about Althea turns 1, then you should know about this beauty website. A lot of beauty junkie love to shop here because you can grab all the Korean skin care and cosmetic without going to Korea. The best part is, the price is reasonable. 

    So, Althea sent me two big pinky box with full of skin care and cosmetic. What I had received from them? Well, continue reading then you can find out. What we have here are Piolang Monster Pack, Elizavecca Hell-pore Clean Up Mask, Piolang CP-1 Protein Clinic (Ceramide Treatment), Velieve Bellamonster Crayon Colour Blender Set and Mamonde Mask.

    Velieve Bellamonster Crayon Colour Blender Set, RM85

    First thing I had received is the crayon colour blender set. It is components of blender and pigment colour - 6EA set. Blender consists of black blender, white blender and lilac blender while Pigment colour includes pigment red, pigment orange, pigment pink. I love how the outcome of applying this. It is vivid colour and long lasting, moist and light and ECOCERT ingredient (it's a mark of French organic cosmetics certification). Love how the jojoba oil and shea butter makes my lips healthy.

    I try to achieve chic pink colour but seem failed. I guess I apply it another way around. Hahaha. Don't follow my mistake, we should apply the pigment colour first then only apply blender. This is my first time to this set so I still have more to discover.

    Piolang CP-1 Protein Clinic (Ceramide Treatment), RM27

    You must be wondering, what is this? It is actually hair treatment. CP-1 shares same injection-alike container in hair salon. We all knew protein is a great nutrition to our hairs. It can prevent split end, keep hair glow for 12 hours, prevention of damaged hair cuticles by hair iron, help on preventing hair damage by hair dye, help on preventing hair damage by UV and so on. It is simple and hygiene. I love how they design with injection-alike container so it is easy to apply on each strand of hair! My current favourite of hair treatment at home now!

    Piolang Monster Pack, RM53

    What a cute name! When I received this box and open it, I can see it comes with powder, activator, bow, spoon and pack brush. So many things in one small box. This mask is to increase elasticity of the skin, nourishing to dry skin, brightening dark skin, cleaning skin waste and dead skin cell. You can know your skin condition according to your skin while applying this mask. If splitting means moisture deficit. On the other hand, uneven texture means elasticity deficit. I tried it and turns out my skin is uneven texture, which means my skin is lack of elasticity. For your info, the activator can be a pack and toner as well. So you can apply it again after remove the mask. The activator smell so good!

    Elizavecca Hell-pore Clean Up Mask, RM42

    Last but not least, the Elizavecca product! If you read my previous post about Elizavecca, then you should heard about this brand. For your info, this hell-pore clean up mask is a liquid type of nose pack to remove blackheads and sebum. It picking all sebum at once moistly. If you have sensitive skin like me, apply it on nose or chin and remember do not apply under your eyes. I tried it on my hand and it seem great. I going to try it on my nose soon to test the result. Hopefully it's helps because I have serious blackheads on my nose.

    There are still many interesting skin care and cosmetics only Althea. Some time they have special promotion too! Don't forget to check out their website and happy shopping.


    Facebook : Althea Malaysia



    28 September 2016

    I'm pretty sure most of you had experience to shop at TaoBao. Some of you might not because you don't understand Chinese at all. Have you experience that? If yes, SGshop is your life saver! Although I knew how to read Chinese but I have no idea about the postage and some typical Chinese terms on Taobao website. Thank god I found! Continue reading to find out more. is one of the largest e-commerce website in the world. It offers great deals and good offer as the products come to you directly from the manufacturer or seller without middlemen involved. By using the service of SGshop, shop at Taobao is now an even better experience. First of all, I am a Chinese but somehow when I open and try to read a full page of Chinese words, it really caused me a headache. But now I can just simply look for anything I want in SGshop and communicate with customer service in English. Cool isn’t it?

    On top of that, we can find a lot of brands and products from different sellers on You can shop with the sellers from other countries without being limited by geographic area. These stores offer a far greater selection of colors and sizes than you will find in local. Besides, you will get SMS notifications whenever you top up your account or there is a problem with your order. Sit back, and wait for the SMS from them when your items reached local warehouse!

    How to shop on SGshop? That's simple! You can just search for "Website Guidance" and select "Shopping Guide" then it will lead to options of either Buy for Me or Ship for Me. It depends on your desire. For me, I had chosen the Buy for Me since I have no idea how to buy via Taobao.


    First of all, you need register an account. I guess this is pretty standard first step for all e-commerce shop. Sign up for an account and fill up all your details you no need to key in again after you placed an order.


    Second step, you can either search your products by enter the name of the item or directly copy the item's url on Taobao and place it at the search bar. It will then lead you the page which the products are listed there.


    Of course, after you found all the products that you want then click the submit button to submit your orders. It will then proceed to the next step. Don't forget to add the links one-by-one so they will included in your shopping cart.


    You need to verify your phone number before proceeding to payment. This is for safety issue so people can't just your details to register and buy things online. After you key in your phone number, they will send you the verification code. From now on you will received your parcel information via SMS. Of course, they will inform you via email as well. Key in the verification code and submit.


    You can select "My Order" at the sidebar for your order status. When the products has reached their warehouse. You can basically click "Submit Delivery" for them to proceed send the parcel to your mailing address.


    Before proceed for the delivery process, you need pay for the waybill first. What's that? It is for the delivery fees for SGshop to send the parcel to you. You can select the payment method that you prefer.


    After you received your parcel, click "Confirm Received" for them to know the parcel is reached you safety. If your parcel is not reach your place according to the estimation delivery date, then you should inform them by email. They will follow up for you.

    For my case, SGshop helped me to check all the items before delivered to me all the way from their China warehouse. To ensure everything I purchased were complete. Last but not least, I have to mention that SGshop online service staffs are very friendly and helpful, thanks for the prompt reply and kind service always! 

    Here is the exclusive discount code for my readers : SHIN16OCT

    Customers who use the discount code to purchase are entitled to enjoy 25% off for service change. Enjoy shopping!

    **Valid until 30 October 2016**

    Website :
    Facebook : SGshop Malaysia



    26 September 2016

    What!? My boyfriend does my makeup!? Yes, you didn't see it wrong. I was shock when I about to take this challenge too. This would be a nightmare because my boyfie never try makeup on his life. This is the very first time he do makeup and apply on my face. This makeup video is conjunction with HERMO for #MYCYBERSALE purpose which also an opportunity for my boyfie to bully me.

    If you read my previous post about Pink Date Makeup Tutorial, then you should know lately I'm quite active with makeup tutorial on my YouTube Channel. All the time I'm using Chinese as my spoken language in the video. However, because of some request, so I add in English subtitle for better understanding.


    Just to mention, HERMO has many amazing deals during #MYCYBERSALE. Don't forget to check them out and shop until drop. I'm pretty sure their loyal fans already stand by and add their desire products in the shopping cart already. Check out the makeup video as follow for more makeup tutorial :

    Remember to leave a comment below to let me know how you guys think about my boyfie's makeup skills. Surprisingly a lot of people comment on the video saying he done a good job. How about you guys? Loves



    21 September 2016

    Daveland, by hearing the name it sounds like a wonderland. Have you guys heard about it before? DaveLand is aimed to provide customers happiness, comfort and convenience when using its products during their casual trips. Today, I'm introducing some of their products which are your travel companion.

    For your info, DaveLand, found and operated by TYS Global Sources Co. Ltd.( Hong Kong) carries uniquely collected and designed travel related accessories in 3 different series, namely HappyD (travel bags & accessories), FluffyD (baby travel accessories) and CheeryD (tourist gift & souvenir). TYS is going to set up bases to serve better its customers and fans in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore in the initial stage.

    Dave Backpack (RM144)
    Backpack is always essential for travel. I always look for those backpack with big size so I can fit in all my belongings. This red backpack is big enough to do that! You can use this backpack not just for travel purpose, if you plan to carry your laptop around, you can use this as well. The material is very light so no worries for the weights.

    When I'm traveling alone, a Dave toy is all I need! I still remember I was travel to Korea alone for 3 weeks and I only got pillow to hug! It would be great if I got a cute bear toy like Dave to accompany me.

    Luggage Tag - Bicycle (RM34)
    Look how cute of this luggage tag. They have several selection of the luggage tag and they sent me the bicycle one. If your luggage is comes with common colour or design, then an unique luggage tag is the one that you need! So you can recognise your luggage with ease. 

    Dave Tote Bag with Plush - Pink (RM36.50)
    Think this is a toy? You might be wrong. This is actually a tote bag with plush! They have blue and pink colour, the one that I got was pink. It is so convenient if you're going for a shopping trip. Put this in your bag and when you have too many shopping haul to carry, just take the tote bag out of this plush!

    Dave Glittering Pen Box Set - Gold (RM39)
    Not sure about you guys, but I always bring at least one pen during my vacation. I have this habit since I was secondary and all thanks to my mom because she told us to do so. Sometime we need a pen to fill up our details for the immigration document purpose. A beautiful glittering pen is a bonus! They have several colours for the selection too.

    KL 4 Charms Keychain (RM15)
    Last but not least, afraid you will lose something important like house key? A cute and colourful keychain is all you need. Plug it with your keys so it won't lost easily. Sounds great right? Don't forget to check out their website for more info. Loves

    [ Daveland ]
    Facebook : DaveLand Malaysia 



    19 September 2016

    Bonjour! You guys knew I always travel to Johor because of my boyfie's hometown. Since last week was a long weekend, he decided to bring my somewhere beautiful. I always said my boyfie don't know how to enjoy high tea which is what girl loves to do. This time, he brought me to The Teavana which is located at Johor Bahru to enjoy high tea with him. 

    A photo posted by SHINI LOLA 钟嘉而 🌻 (@shinilola) on

    I took this photo last week and uploaded to my Instagram. Some of the readers PM m on Facebook asking where is this place. Well, now you know~ Is The Teavana. 

    I discover this place via Instagram. I told boyfie about this cafe and I hope I can pay a visit when next time we go back Johor. I'm not sure whether he will bring me or not because he's not that kind of person who fancy for high tea (I guess most of the guys feel the same) but I'm happy because eventually he bring me here. The cafe is just located right beside the main road so if you're not sure whether you're at the right place, take a look of its big sign as photo shown above.

    Once you enter the cafe, I was shock with the interior design. If you read my previous post about Johor One Day Trip then you should know I'm quite impress with the cafe design in Johor. They are many cafe with outstanding interior which is more standout then cafe in KL! Beside of dine in, they also provides services such as event or any special occasion. If you're interested, feel free to contact them.

    I love every detail of this cafe. Especially they put the sign of their wifi password on every table. I'm not a cheapskate person who always ask for wifi instead of using own mobile data. But for the readers who don't have their own mobile data, it's user-friendly to get the wifi password without asking the waiter / waitress there. It is a good thing right?

    Even the menu also is pink colour and floral theme! I can't wait to check out their menu. I guess their foods must be comes with fancy decoration. At first, I thought want to order their signature dish - 6 types of mini pasta but boyfie feel quite full because we just had our breakfast. At the end we order a single set for high tea.

    They have total 3 types of high tea set menu which are Single set (RM29.90), Couple set (RM55.90) and Signature High Tea set (RM69.90). Each high tea set require 10-20 minutes waiting time.

    When I saw the tea cup design. I feel I like to grab the whole set for myself. So pretty!! Feel definitely a good choice for product shooting. Hmm... maybe I should really grab a few?

    The Teavana is definitely a MUST PLACE for photoshoot. I'm pretty sure you will take a lot of photos here especially if you came with your sisters or girlfriends. Luckily I came here with my boyfie so he is the photographer not me. LOL.

    Finally our tea set is here! The single tea set is served with finger sandwiches, fruits, mini bite pastry, scone, pudding, muffin, macaron and a pot of tea.

    Frankly, I will say with this price, totally worth it! My past few high tea experience at KL, the cost that I spend was 5 times of this price! The fruits are so fresh, they have any variety of the foods. Just a little bit disappointment was be the scone. I quite picky when comes with the scone. It's not the one that I expected. But overall is great.

    A photo posted by SHINI LOLA 钟嘉而 🌻 (@shinilola) on

    Don't forget to take some photos at outside too. It might be suitable for OOTD shot like what I did! I would definitely come back again for next visit to try their other foods! Hope you guys enjoy reading this post. If you would like to high tea at KL, maybe you can refer to My Afternoon Tea experience HERELoves

    [ The Teavana ]
    Address : 128, Jalan Dato' Sulaiman, Taman Abad, Johor Bahru.
    Opening Hours : Daily | 12:00pm - 10:00pm
    Tel : 07-336 0201



    13 September 2016

    Huckleberry Food & Fare, is located at Plaza Damansara, Damansara Heights. Huckleberry Food & Fare is the product of pursuit and passion from the Mezze team. Over the past 5 years, Mezze Bistro has become KL foodie’s open secret. Time Out KL has consistently voted Mezze Bistro as one of their top 40 choice picks in Kuala Lumpur. The team represents a collaboration of strong management and distinguished baking and culinary skills, set to build a platform to become KL’s premier bakery kitchen, Huckleberry Food & Fare.

    I always saw those delicious food photos on Huckleberry Facebook page. Thus, this time me and my friend Joanne decided to have our gathering at there.

    (Say hi to Joanne)

    Huckleberry Food & Fare @ Plaza Damansara, Damansara Heights

    When we arrived, we saw there are crowd in their restaurant. Maybe that's a weekend. So I strongly suggest you guys come early for your visit if you don't want to queue or wait too long. I love the interior design especially their ceiling. So unique compare to those ordinary cuisine.

    Same as the other western cuisine, they will served you plain water before you plan to order anything. I totally forgot they served us the plain water or self service. Just one of them.

    I forgot what drink ordered by Joanne, I guess might be Iced Latte or some other coffee beverage. She think the drink is fine.

    Green Apple Lemon | RM9.90
    For my drink, I ordered something special - Green Apple Lemon. It is fresh fruit soda infusions which they claimed hand-crafted and slow-pressed fresh daily. I love the taste as I love something sour. Order it if you think you got the same taste as mine.

    Also forgot what Joanne ordered for her meal because she have no idea too. Basically it's homemade bread served with tomato sauce, feta cheese and spinach.

    Finn's Mac & Cheese | RM15.90
    For my dish, I ordered a Finn's Mac & Cheese. It taste good, just the portion is a little small for me. Actually both of us feel the same. The overall rating for environment, foods and services are great. Just the food portion might be a little small for us. Maybe both of us eat too much? HAHAHA! If you wish to read more food review about foods in Klang Valley, please CLICK HERE. Till here. Loves
    [ Huckleberry Food & Fare ]

    2G and 4G Medan Setia 2, 
    Plaza Damansara, Damansara Heights
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Tel : 03-2098 7933

    Opening Hours : Daily | 7.30am - 5.30pm


    Instagram (@shinilola)

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