29 August 2016 Boracay, Malay, Philippines

BORACAY TRIP - DAY 4 & 5 (长滩岛之旅)

Boracay, finally is the last post for my Boracay trip itinerary aka Day 4 and 5. Why I combined the two days post into one? Because the last day in Boracay is basically just go back to Malaysia early in the morning so I decided to combined them. This have been a wonderful trip with boyfie and can't wait for more to come! 

Early in the morning both of us woke up and have our lovely breakfast at our hotel. They have two types of breakfast for us to choose. To be safe, I had chosen the American breakfast. They also serving tea, coffee, lemon juice, mango and different types of breads along with jams. Healthy and delicious!

One piece swimsuit from +Forever 21  

After finished our breakfast, we decided to walk to the beach which is just opposite our hotel and take some photos. Damn, I really miss the sky blue sea view now.

Relationship goal accomplished! Head to Ariel's Point now for cliff jumping! Woohoo~ A MUST TRY activity in Boracay! If you never been here then you never been to Boracay you know. While we on the way to Ariel's Point (on the boat), all the drinks are free flow! Just let them know what you want to drink including alcohol and they will pass it to you. Remember be quick as those drinker grab it fast!

Cost : 2,500 peso (per pax)

Look at those beautiful clear sea view! Super beautiful right? For your info, there have 3 types of height for you to choose : 5 meters, 8 meters and 12 meters.

Cliff Jumping @ Ariel's Point 
At first I thought it was easy. The staff there said as a beginner we should start from the easiest one first. So I had chosen the 5 meters (please refer to the vlog below) and my butt is super pain after I jumped! Not just me you know, I saw a few Korean girls feel the same (well, I don't understand Korean language but I can see by their body language LOL) My advice to you girls, remember to wear a short pants outside before you jump because I didn't. Maybe you won't feel the pain. My crazy boyfie challenge the 5 meters and 12 meters! He said "YOLO" and directly jump. LOL

There have a small reception there you can ask for tower, snacks, water and so on if you request for it. We grab a few beer and chill after the cliff jumping. The lunch is provided as well. All the things no need extra charge as it is already included in the package.

Back to the hotel and take a nap before we take our dinner. I have no idea why I comes out with this yellow kitty theme! HAHAHA! And guess what~ Someone called me Ariana Grande when I enter his shop. Maybe because I got so much hair. (Please don't hit me if you're her fans)

Hama Japanese Cuisine

We took our dinner at Hama Japanese Cuisine which is located at D'mall. Boyfie ordered a Banana Juice while I had ordered an Apple Juice. We also ordered a Salmon Dragon Maki, Shoyu Ramen and Tempura Udon. I like the the meals but boyfie said his shoyu ramen is a little salty for him.

We then decided to have a walk and we stopped at this Aria Gelato to try on their Peppermint Choc Chips ice cream. Yummy~ We saw quite many tourists enjoy their ice cream as well.

After bought some souvenirs we then head back to our hotel. We only knew actually there's an iPad in our room! HAHAHA~ Last day only knew. You can use it for online surfing, info and room service.

On the next day, after finished our breakfast we check-out our room and request for tricycle (tuk tuk) to the Calticlan Jetty Port. Thanks for the wonderful stay and friendly services Watercolors Boracay Dive Resort. Definitely we will come back again. 

Don't forget to keep at least 1,000 peso for each person before you went back to Malaysia because you need to pay the airport tax. While we are queuing for baggage check-in a couple came to us and said they already used up all peso (they went to the ATM for withdraw but failed) so boyfie borrowed 2,000 peso to them. Of course, they directly online transfer to boyfie on the spot so no worries for the money gone.

Hopefully you guys really enjoy reading the all the itinerary post. I will break into few part more for a Boracay Travel Guide. So if you're a lazy person you may want to refer that post. Stay tuned for that!



- Ariel's Point : 2,500 peso / pax
- Dinner at Hama Japanese Cuisine : 1,300 peso / 2 pax
- Souvenir bought at D'mall : 330 peso / 2 pax
- Tricycle from Hotel to Calticlan Jetty Port : 150 / per trip
- Boat + Bus to Kalibo Airport : 250 / per pax
- Terminal Fees + Environmental Fees : 175 / per pax
- Airport Tax : 1,000 peso / 2 pax

TOTAL : Approximately 8,630 peso (2 pax) 



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