21 September 2016

Daveland, by hearing the name it sounds like a wonderland. Have you guys heard about it before? DaveLand is aimed to provide customers happiness, comfort and convenience when using its products during their casual trips. Today, I'm introducing some of their products which are your travel companion.

For your info, DaveLand, found and operated by TYS Global Sources Co. Ltd.( Hong Kong) carries uniquely collected and designed travel related accessories in 3 different series, namely HappyD (travel bags & accessories), FluffyD (baby travel accessories) and CheeryD (tourist gift & souvenir). TYS is going to set up bases to serve better its customers and fans in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore in the initial stage.

Dave Backpack (RM144)
Backpack is always essential for travel. I always look for those backpack with big size so I can fit in all my belongings. This red backpack is big enough to do that! You can use this backpack not just for travel purpose, if you plan to carry your laptop around, you can use this as well. The material is very light so no worries for the weights.

When I'm traveling alone, a Dave toy is all I need! I still remember I was travel to Korea alone for 3 weeks and I only got pillow to hug! It would be great if I got a cute bear toy like Dave to accompany me.

Luggage Tag - Bicycle (RM34)
Look how cute of this luggage tag. They have several selection of the luggage tag and they sent me the bicycle one. If your luggage is comes with common colour or design, then an unique luggage tag is the one that you need! So you can recognise your luggage with ease. 

Dave Tote Bag with Plush - Pink (RM36.50)
Think this is a toy? You might be wrong. This is actually a tote bag with plush! They have blue and pink colour, the one that I got was pink. It is so convenient if you're going for a shopping trip. Put this in your bag and when you have too many shopping haul to carry, just take the tote bag out of this plush!

Dave Glittering Pen Box Set - Gold (RM39)
Not sure about you guys, but I always bring at least one pen during my vacation. I have this habit since I was secondary and all thanks to my mom because she told us to do so. Sometime we need a pen to fill up our details for the immigration document purpose. A beautiful glittering pen is a bonus! They have several colours for the selection too.

KL 4 Charms Keychain (RM15)
Last but not least, afraid you will lose something important like house key? A cute and colourful keychain is all you need. Plug it with your keys so it won't lost easily. Sounds great right? Don't forget to check out their website for more info. Loves

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