26 September 2016

What!? My boyfriend does my makeup!? Yes, you didn't see it wrong. I was shock when I about to take this challenge too. This would be a nightmare because my boyfie never try makeup on his life. This is the very first time he do makeup and apply on my face. This makeup video is conjunction with HERMO for #MYCYBERSALE purpose which also an opportunity for my boyfie to bully me.

If you read my previous post about Pink Date Makeup Tutorial, then you should know lately I'm quite active with makeup tutorial on my YouTube Channel. All the time I'm using Chinese as my spoken language in the video. However, because of some request, so I add in English subtitle for better understanding.


Just to mention, HERMO has many amazing deals during #MYCYBERSALE. Don't forget to check them out and shop until drop. I'm pretty sure their loyal fans already stand by and add their desire products in the shopping cart already. Check out the makeup video as follow for more makeup tutorial :

Remember to leave a comment below to let me know how you guys think about my boyfie's makeup skills. Surprisingly a lot of people comment on the video saying he done a good job. How about you guys? Loves


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