28 September 2016

I'm pretty sure most of you had experience to shop at TaoBao. Some of you might not because you don't understand Chinese at all. Have you experience that? If yes, SGshop is your life saver! Although I knew how to read Chinese but I have no idea about the postage and some typical Chinese terms on Taobao website. Thank god I found! Continue reading to find out more. is one of the largest e-commerce website in the world. It offers great deals and good offer as the products come to you directly from the manufacturer or seller without middlemen involved. By using the service of SGshop, shop at Taobao is now an even better experience. First of all, I am a Chinese but somehow when I open and try to read a full page of Chinese words, it really caused me a headache. But now I can just simply look for anything I want in SGshop and communicate with customer service in English. Cool isn’t it?

On top of that, we can find a lot of brands and products from different sellers on You can shop with the sellers from other countries without being limited by geographic area. These stores offer a far greater selection of colors and sizes than you will find in local. Besides, you will get SMS notifications whenever you top up your account or there is a problem with your order. Sit back, and wait for the SMS from them when your items reached local warehouse!

How to shop on SGshop? That's simple! You can just search for "Website Guidance" and select "Shopping Guide" then it will lead to options of either Buy for Me or Ship for Me. It depends on your desire. For me, I had chosen the Buy for Me since I have no idea how to buy via Taobao.


First of all, you need register an account. I guess this is pretty standard first step for all e-commerce shop. Sign up for an account and fill up all your details you no need to key in again after you placed an order.


Second step, you can either search your products by enter the name of the item or directly copy the item's url on Taobao and place it at the search bar. It will then lead you the page which the products are listed there.


Of course, after you found all the products that you want then click the submit button to submit your orders. It will then proceed to the next step. Don't forget to add the links one-by-one so they will included in your shopping cart.


You need to verify your phone number before proceeding to payment. This is for safety issue so people can't just your details to register and buy things online. After you key in your phone number, they will send you the verification code. From now on you will received your parcel information via SMS. Of course, they will inform you via email as well. Key in the verification code and submit.


You can select "My Order" at the sidebar for your order status. When the products has reached their warehouse. You can basically click "Submit Delivery" for them to proceed send the parcel to your mailing address.


Before proceed for the delivery process, you need pay for the waybill first. What's that? It is for the delivery fees for SGshop to send the parcel to you. You can select the payment method that you prefer.


After you received your parcel, click "Confirm Received" for them to know the parcel is reached you safety. If your parcel is not reach your place according to the estimation delivery date, then you should inform them by email. They will follow up for you.

For my case, SGshop helped me to check all the items before delivered to me all the way from their China warehouse. To ensure everything I purchased were complete. Last but not least, I have to mention that SGshop online service staffs are very friendly and helpful, thanks for the prompt reply and kind service always! 

Here is the exclusive discount code for my readers : SHIN16OCT

Customers who use the discount code to purchase are entitled to enjoy 25% off for service change. Enjoy shopping!

**Valid until 30 October 2016**

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