Althea, represent the beauty of Korea and delivers authentic K-beauty items to the world. If you guys read my previous post about Althea turns 1, then you should know about this beauty website. A lot of beauty junkie love to shop here because you can grab all the Korean skin care and cosmetic without going to Korea. The best part is, the price is reasonable.

So, Althea sent me two big pinky box with full of skin care and cosmetic. What I had received from them? Well, continue reading then you can find out. What we have here are Piolang Monster Pack, Elizavecca Hell-pore Clean Up Mask, Piolang CP-1 Protein Clinic (Ceramide Treatment), Velieve Bellamonster Crayon Colour Blender Set and Mamonde Mask.

Velieve Bellamonster Crayon Colour Blender Set, RM85

First thing I had received is the crayon colour blender set. It is components of blender and pigment colour - 6EA set. Blender consists of black blender, white blender and lilac blender while Pigment colour includes pigment red, pigment orange, pigment pink. I love how the outcome of applying this. It is vivid colour and long lasting, moist and light and ECOCERT ingredient (it's a mark of French organic cosmetics certification). Love how the jojoba oil and shea butter makes my lips healthy.

I try to achieve chic pink colour but seem failed. I guess I apply it another way around. Hahaha. Don't follow my mistake, we should apply the pigment colour first then only apply blender. This is my first time to this set so I still have more to discover.

Piolang CP-1 Protein Clinic (Ceramide Treatment), RM27

You must be wondering, what is this? It is actually hair treatment. CP-1 shares same injection-alike container in hair salon. We all knew protein is a great nutrition to our hairs. It can prevent split end, keep hair glow for 12 hours, prevention of damaged hair cuticles by hair iron, help on preventing hair damage by hair dye, help on preventing hair damage by UV and so on. It is simple and hygiene. I love how they design with injection-alike container so it is easy to apply on each strand of hair! My current favourite of hair treatment at home now!

Piolang Monster Pack, RM53

What a cute name! When I received this box and open it, I can see it comes with powder, activator, bow, spoon and pack brush. So many things in one small box. This mask is to increase elasticity of the skin, nourishing to dry skin, brightening dark skin, cleaning skin waste and dead skin cell. You can know your skin condition according to your skin while applying this mask. If splitting means moisture deficit. On the other hand, uneven texture means elasticity deficit. I tried it and turns out my skin is uneven texture, which means my skin is lack of elasticity. For your info, the activator can be a pack and toner as well. So you can apply it again after remove the mask. The activator smell so good!

Elizavecca Hell-pore Clean Up Mask, RM42

Last but not least, the Elizavecca product! If you read my previous post about Elizavecca, then you should heard about this brand. For your info, this hell-pore clean up mask is a liquid type of nose pack to remove blackheads and sebum. It picking all sebum at once moistly. If you have sensitive skin like me, apply it on nose or chin and remember do not apply under your eyes. I tried it on my hand and it seem great. I going to try it on my nose soon to test the result. Hopefully it's helps because I have serious blackheads on my nose.

There are still many interesting skin care and cosmetics only Althea. Some time they have special promotion too! Don't forget to check out their website and happy shopping.


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