26 November 2016


Smile Makers Lubricants
Another post about Smile Makers Collection. Remember me blogged about Smile Makers earlier? This time, I'm going to focus more on the lubricants. If you're a lady and reading this post, no need to feel shy. It is a necessary skin care for all of us.

Do you know according to the survey, 8 out of 10 (78%) Malaysian women have experienced dryness-related pain during sex, which negatively affected their sexual satisfaction. Moreover, Malaysian women are ahead of their Asian counterparts when it comes to taking charge of their sexual well-being, and solving dryness-related issues.

Smile Makers Lubricants

For your info, it’s No. 1 female lubricant which recommended by Cosmopolitan HK. Each bottle contains safest ingredients for your sensitive area to increase relevancy with audience by using personal examples:
  • burning sensation after the romantic moment
  • using the low quality products and need to see a gynaecologist
  • itchiness and got severe inflammation after using the low-quality products. 

One of my friend actually have a bad lube before and eventually it caused her skin become itchy and situation gone worst. I'm actually introduce her Smile Makers and she feel great because it working well on her, even with her sensitive skin condition. 

Smile Makers Lubricants
Does the packaging look beautiful? The bottles are created by the same designer, who designed SKII bottles, Dolce & Gabbana perfume and Gucci perfume. There are some premium ingredients in there; 2 ingredients (Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (DPG), Methyl Propanediol) that normally only used in the luxury skin care, such as Shiseido, Guerlain. Smile Makers is the only brand to use them in the female lubricants, imported from France and Japan.

Stay Silky Serum, Little Light Liquid and Generous Gel
Introducing the 3 female lubricants : Stay Silky Serum, Little Light Liquid and Generous Gel. I will further explain the differences so continue reading.

Smile Makers
You must be wondering, is it really safe to use since it applies on the sensitive part? No worries, Smile Makers provide safest ingredients for your most sensitive part :
  • Pure: Pharma-grade (>99.5% pure). All the ingredients used are as pure as those in the hospital, extremely safe. 
  • Safe: Paraben free, Fragrance free. No harmful chemicals at all to lead to potential risks for your reproduction organ, unlike majority of competitors’ products in the market.
  • Anti-inflammation, anti-itchy, skin regeneration: DPG (Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, the extract from liquorice), the ingredient that only exists in the luxury skin care, which Smile Makers has imported from France.

Little Silky Serum

Stay Silky Serum
Stay Silky Serum
Just like our facial skin care routine, we need to apply serum as a base first. Remember don't apply too much. Appropriate amount like 2 drops is enough. The texture is quite watery so make sure don't like exceed from your palm.

Little Light Liquid

Little Light Liquid
Next, apply Little Light Liquid after the serum. The texture is slightly watery but a little thicker if compare to serum. As mentioned earlier, 2 drops would be enough. After you applied it, you will feel a little bit cool sensation and it's normal.

Generous Gel

Generous Gel
Last but not least, apply the Generous Gel for final step. As you can see from the photo above, the texture is thickest among the 3 lubricants. For this, I just apply one drop because I think it's more than enough.

What I love about Smile Makers lubricants are their texture and sensation. The natural and pure ingredients allow you to put this Smile Makers even on your face. No more greasiness! No more stickiness! No more annoying fruity smell! Yes, it doesn't have any smell and stickiness which I like the most. Also, you can see from the photo above, the lubricants are quite easy to be absorbed on our skin once applied.

The only luxury “skin care” that every woman can afford! Pamper yourself now to enjoy the luxury skin care, for RM 59 only! Smile Makers also provides friendly and cute female vibrators as well, read here for more info : Smile Makers Personal Massagers

Feel interested to grab one for yourself? You can grab them at SmileMakerscollection.com or Lazada and Watsons. Till here. XOXO

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