21 October 2016

Finally I'm back from Thailand! It's only 5 days 4 nights trip but I feel tired like zombie. I will share my first time experience as a backpacker with you guys very soon. So remember to STAY TUNED at my blog. 

On the other hand, I'm gonna share with you guys about my latest favourite routine. Yes, wearing my favourite Panaz® Slimming Pants is like my daily routine. I'm pretty sure you guys knew I'm going to gym about once or twice per week to maintain my body shape. You must wondering why only once / twice / three times per week. I really got no time for it. I need to do 2 jobs daily, spending time with my family (in Ipoh), spending time with my boyfie, doing more jobs like editing photos, video and many more. I tried to squeeze more time for exercise but there are still some stubborn fat in my tummy and thighs that I need to get rid of it.

Thank god I found Panaz®. For your info, the name Panaz® is originated from local language (Malay) "Panas" that indicates hot. What is the function? Panaz® slimming pants is designed to help you sweat more, burn more body calories during daily activities like watching TV, walking around, exercise and so on. Wow~ Sounds interesting right? In addition, Panaz® slimming pants is suitable to wear anytime, anywhere, and it is designed for everyone. But little hint here, try not to wear during sleeping time. 

I saw Panaz® Slimming Pants's advertisement on Facebook before. Panaz® slimming pants helped thousands and thousands clients to achieved their lose weight, slimming, keep-fit, fitness, and fat loss results with a natural and healthy way. Of course, no side effects at all. I was wondering, is it really works? I need to get rid of my fat tummy and thighs as soon as possible!

When I received the Panaz® Slimming Pants, it looks like a thick layer of pants. So I was thinking, would I feel uncomfortable while I'm wearing it? After I put on, NOT AT ALLThe inner materials absorb the sweat to keep you comfortable and not even realize its sweating. I'm serious. When I'm wearing it to exercise in the gym, I can't feel anything. After I removed the pants, I only realize I sweat a lot.  The fabrics / material of pants are thinner engineered compared to other brands and it is more suitable to wear under hot weather in Malaysia which means sweat more!

It is recommended to wear 3-5 hours every day for better results. Try not a wear long hours like whole day. For my case, I try to wear 3 hours first for testing but now if I didn't go out and just stay at home, I will wear for 5 hours to maximize the result. 

If you're worry about the sizes. There are size available from S – 4XL (available in big size). How to measure the result? All you need to do is take your waist and hips measurement every 2 weeks to check the results. I'm looking forward to share with you guys about my result!

The Pants is super stretchable and you can do anything you want by wearing it. The pants comes with pocket design and suitable for all kind of activities. You can even put your mobile phone or iPod when you're listening while doing exercise. Their quality is great as I don't feel any itchiness and uncomfortable even I'm wearing it for quite a period. 

You can see from the photo above. You can do anything such as exercise, watching movies, outing and especially always facing the computer (like me). This slimming pants definitely help you a lot!

There are some Panaz® Wash Care Instructions that you need to take note :
- Hang to Dry
- Hand Wash
- Do not use washing machine
- Do not Soak
- Do not Wring
- Do not Iron
- Do not use Dryer
- Do not Bleach

Just follow the instructions in order to maintain the quality. I have been introducing this with my friends and family so they can slim down together with me! Of course, most happily...in a healthy way! Hope it helps you guys as well! Loves

[ Panaz® ]
Price : RM149.00
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PanazMY/


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