5 December 2016 Macau


MACAO TRIP - DAY 3 (澳门之旅)
This is my first time to experience Macau Grand Prix open ceremony. Yes, that's why there is a beautiful Audi sport car for my post header. Yes, at my Macao Trip Day 3, I got the opportunity to experience the MGP Promotional Event and I'm so excited. Continue reading to find out more.
Coloane Village (路环村)
(Coloane Village)
After finished our breakfast at hotel, we then visit Coloane Village. Coloane Village (路环村) is the place to get a glimpse of Macau's real heritage, away from the artificial tourist attractions built around. It is also the channel dividing Macau from the hills of China proper. 

Coloane Village (路环村)

Chapel of St Francis Xavier
(Chapel of St Francis Xavier)
Coloane Village is situated on the southern coasts of the island. Many tourists mention the Chapel of St Francis Xavier is a must-see attraction. Thus, make sure you take some photos of it like I does. Beautiful yellow and blue heritage really attractive.

Coloane Village
The pink building (top left) is actually a police station. Super cute right? Basically all the buildings at Coloane Village is colourful and old school. It is really a unique attraction to visit.

Coloane Village
Actually sightseeing around Coloane can be easily done by bus or on foot within a day. However, leave time to unwind, and to bask in the sun, and explore the other natural beauties offered on Coloane.

Random beef shop @ Coloane Village
(Random beef shop @ Coloane Village)

Lord Stow's Bakery (安德鲁葡挞)
(Lord Stow's Bakery)
One of the must-eat food when visit Macau is Portuguese Egg Tart (葡挞). Lord Stow's Bakery (安德鲁葡挞) is the popular shop which is famous with their signature Portuguese egg tart. This is actually my first time to taste the Portuguese egg tart and I love it. You can see the egg tart texture (from the photo shown above) is so smooth and the taste is so delicious! Really worth to give it a try and strongly recommended! 

[ Lord Stow's Bakery ]
Location : 1 Rua do Tassara, Coloane, Macau.
Operating hours : Daily | 7am - 10pm
How to get here : Bus 15, 21A, 25, 26, 26A, 50 to bus stop "Coloane Village" 

Lunch @ Grand Coloane Resort
(Lunch @ Grand Coloane Resort)
After finished with the walking tour, we have our lunch at Grand Coloane Resort. The resort is so beautiful and grand. What we have here : pumpkin soup with bread, smoked duck with salad, fresh big scallop with cauliflower puree, chocolate panna cotta. We had a pleasant meals there.

[ Grand Coloane Resort]
Location : 1918 Estrada de Hac Sa, Coloane Macau. 

Grand Prix Museum
(Grand Prix Museum)
Before we attend the Macau Grand Prix open ceremony, of course we need to visit Grand Prix Museum to understand more about their history.  The Grand Prix Museum is a motor and car racing museum in Macau. It is co-located with and adjacent to the Macau Wine Museum. At here, you can witness all the race cars which raced at Grand Prix before. You can read all the history at the board if you're interested to know more. If you love racing, I suggest you to pay a visit here.

[ Lord Stow's Bakery ]
Location : 1 Rua do Tassara, Coloane, Macau.
Operating hours : Daily | 7am - 10pm
How to get here : Bus 15, 21A, 25, 26, 26A, 50 to bus stop "Coloane Village" 

Macau Grand Prix Open Ceremony
(Macau Grand Prix Open Ceremony)
Finally we are here for Macau Grand Prix open ceremony. Although we can't make it for the Macau Grand Prix actual day but we are blessed to witness all the beautiful race cars and the professional drivers at that day. There will a lot of celebrities to attend and race on that day. I saw some Hong Kong celebrity's Instagram mentioned they will be there. Too bad I'm not there at actual day. My idol is actually will be attending.

Macau Grand Prix Open Ceremony
Interview session @ Macau Grand Prix Open Ceremony
(Interview session @ Macau Grand Prix Open Ceremony)
We had a short interview session with Ms. Lei Si Leng, as Secretary General of the Macau Grand Prix Organizing Committee. This was my second interview session during Macao trip and I was so excited. It's always fun to interview someone and get to know more about the event.

[ Macau Grand Prix ]
Location : Guia Circuit.
Racing date : 19th & 20th November 2016
Ticketing : Please visit this link 

Nam Van Lake
(Nam Van Lake)
The Nam Van Lake is a man-made lake in Macau. It is one of two man made lakes in Macau. It is located at the southern end of Macau Peninsula. The lake was once part of a bay, created when the causeway partially closed off the bay.

Nam Van Lake
Anim' Arte Nam Van
(Anim' Arte Nam Van)
Anim' Arte Nam Van will transform Nam Van Lakeside Plaza into a waterfront leisure hub with a distinctive character combining creativity, leisure, dining and performance.

[ Anim' Arte Nam Van ]
Location : Av Panoramica do Lago Nam Van, Macau. 

Pork Chop Bun @ Seng Lei Restaurant
(Pork Chop Bun @ Seng Lei Restaurant)
Besides of Portuguese egg tart, pork chop bun is another must-eat food in Macau. Finally we tasted pork chop bun from Seng Lei Restaurant (胜利茶餐厅). The pork chop bun is so yummy and the milk tea is just nice. I like the milk tea because its taste not sweet at all. I will definitely revisit again!

Putajanai 不是葡挞
After tasting the pork chop bun, we head to the recent popular shop - Putajanai (不是葡挞) to taste the popular tart. The queue is long and we are lucky we grab the last few tarts! They produce Japanese Portuguese egg tarts with limited quality. Thus, if you wishes to taste it, remember to come early as possible.

[ Putajanai ]
Location : 6, Travessa do Matadouro, Macau. 
Operating hours : Daily | 12pm - 8pm

If you watched the famous Hong Kong TVB drama (澳门街) movie version (十月初五) then you will familiar with this street. 十月初五街 is a street with retro style. All the decorations here are so retro. 


You can see all the stall and products are old school and unique. Quite worth to take a walk here if you drop a visit in Macau next time.

Room service @ Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16
(Room service @ Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16)
I was so tired after a long day walk so I decided to take my dinner at my room. I ordered a room service with sandwiches and they taste not bad. Not to mention the friendly staff for keep asking me require anything else. That's all for today. Please find following links for my travelogue if you missed them. XOXO



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