BORACAY TRIP - DAY 3 (长滩岛之旅)

14 August 2016 Boracay, Malay, Philippines

Hello! My Boracay Trip Day 3 post is here! Sorry for disappeared for a whole week! I'm so busy with my full time job this week and even outstation for 2 days. I just came back from Ipoh because it's been awhile I didn't meet my family. Although I'm so exhausted now but nothing can stop me to blog about my Boracay trip!

So early in the morning we woke up and check-out hotel. Yes, we moved to another resort called Watercolors Boracay Dive Resort which located at Station 1. The resort is just located nearby Willy's Rock and same row with Jonah's Fruitshake. Once we enter the resort, we spot boyfie name is on the white board because he's the one who booked this resort. The staff there are super friendly! They even served us the welcome drinks and some snacks. Thumbs up for their services!

Watercolors Boracay Dive Resort
Wondering why it named as "Dive" resort? Yes! They provides diving class as well. So if you're interested, you can just book with them at the reception. The photo above are our hotel room. Simple yet cozy. I mean it! Their bed is and pillow is super cozy because me and boyfie directly fall asleep once we on bed at that night. Maybe we are too tired.

Hotel Cost : RM722.84 for a Deluxe Room (2 nights)

Korean style swimsuit
Frankly, I got tons of swimsuits at home, but this would be my very first time to own a Korean style long sleeve swimsuit! This is a must have swimsuit in your wardrobe because it's not just makes you look skinny, your skin won't easily to get darker tone because of the sunlight. Love this swimsuit a lot!

Ride with ATV
After check-in our hotel, we meet up with our tour guide Paul and prepare to visit Mount Luho. There are 3 kinds of transport to get up there. The transport we had chosen was ATV. It was super fun as this would be my second time to ride with ATV! In case you ask me for the activity cost, I already included in my Day 2 post. Read it HERE.

View of Mount Luho
For your info, Mount Luho is the highest mountain in Boracay. When you get up there, you able to see the whole Boracay from here. Basically we just enjoy the view and take some photos here.

Mount Luho Entrance Fees Cost : 240 peso (2 pax)

In case you're wondering how our tour guide look, here you go~ He is super friendly and guess what! He is a grandfather now but he is still so energetic! We didn't book him in advance. We met him at Station 2 and he looks very sincere with great attitude so we decided to engage him as our tour guide instead of others. If you guys are planning to visit Boracay and have no idea of the activities, you may contact him with info below :

Paul - Email ( / Call (09284395381)

Sorry for the ugly photo! After visited Mount Luho, our next activity was Zipline. Zipline is a activity with something like flying like a Superman. This is super fun and is a MUST TRY activity because it was my favourite activity among all. You may watch the video at the end of the post for more clear image.

After zipline, we went for Snorkeling. Snokerling generally is like diving but we float on the surface, unlike diving will be under the sea. If you wish to know what it will exactly look like please refer to the vlog below. Since boyfie are not feeling well after snorkeling for 15 minutes so we decided to stop and proceed to next station.

Puka Beach
We then head to Puka Beach as we requested. Frankly, this is my favourite beach because it is so much clean than other beach that I had visited! Although we just stop here for 30 minutes but we had a blast! We ordered a coconut and chill at the beach. Relax to the max!

Boyfie took some photos of me
Taken by GoPro

After finished all the activities, boyfie feel hungry so we decided to take our lunch at Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant. It is located at D'mall and we put it on the list because I saw some bloggers recommend them in the blog post. TripAdvisor ranked them as well.

Lemoni Menu
I'm actually quite impressed with their menu. They included total 3 language : English, Chinese and Korean. The reason is because majority of the tourists are from Korea so they included Korean language.

Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant 
Lunch @ Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant 
For me, I ordered a Lime Juice and a meal of Omelet, Ham, Mushroom, Cheddar Cheese. They taste good and I love it! On the other hand, boyfie ordered Orange Juice and a meal of Eggs, Sauteed Spinach, Fresh Mushrooms, Tomato Salad, Wholegrain Toast. Taste not bad as well. They have many variety of foods for you to choose so I strongly recommend this restaurant.

Lunch Cost : 1,090 peso (2 pax)

Look of that night
After finished our lunch, we head to our resort and take a nap. We woke up at 7pm something and we decided to take our dinner at D'mall again.

Red Crab Pasta House
We spot this restaurant when we dine at SpiceBird at first night. It is just located beside SpiceBird. This cuisine always full of crowd and there are a lot of people queue to dine in. We are lucky that we just queue for 10 minutes. First thing first, both of us ordered the Chocolate Smoothies because we sweat a bit while queuing. Taste not bad.

We ordered a Garlic Crab because we saw many tourist are ordering that. Taste good and fresh! They passed us the plastic hand glove to prevent our hands get dirty. Boyfie ordered a Chicken Garlic Steak which is the best seller. It's grilled chicken breast sauced with a special gravy with mushroom and garlic. Served with a cup of rice. While I ordered a Creamy Seafood Fettuccine. It served with shrimps and mixed seafood served in a creamy white sauce. Overall the foods are great!

Dinner Cost : 2,800 peso (2 pax)

Crazy Crepes
 This Crazy Crepes has been ranked #2 dessert in Boracay by TripAdvisor. We give it a try and feel disappointed because it doesn't look alike with what they display.

We went to some random shop to buy some souvenirs for family and colleagues. The 7D Dried Mango and Pineapple Mix are the famous souvenirs here. I also grab some homemade soap for my family. Different kinds of flavour has different function for the skin. That's all for today. Remember to STAY TUNED as the next post would be the last post of my Boracay Trip. Hope you guys enjoy reading. Loves


Tricycle from Paradise Bay Resort to Watercolors Boracay Dive Resort : 100 peso / per trip
- Lunch at Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant : 1,090 peso / 2 pax
- Mount Luho Entrance Fees : 240 peso / 2 pax
- Dinner at Reb Crab Pasta House : 2,800 peso / 2 pax
- Souvenirs at D'mall : 1,200 peso 

TOTAL : Approximately 5,430 peso (2 pax) 


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