7 August 2016 Boracay, Malay, Philippines

BORACAY TRIP - DAY 2 (长滩岛之旅)

Hello! Finally here comes my Boracay Trip Day 2! Since I blogged about my first day in Boracay, most of the readers keep spamming my Facebook inbox and asked me when they rest of the itinerary will be out. Sorry for the delay. I already try my best to blog about them as soon as possible. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading this post as well. 

Early in the morning we decide to take some photos at our resort. Just a few of my vain photos. Boyfie said the weather is so hot so he don't want to in the photo. LOL

Station 1 Beach View
The beach view at Station 1 is breath-taking! How I wish I can see this kind of view in every morning. Too bad I can't.  

Yellow Cab Pizza
 We heard about Yellow Cab Pizza through TripAdvisor. The ranking is not bad and of course they are popular with their pizza. So we decided to take our breakfast here before start our activities.

Unfortunately their power is down at that moment so all the pizza are not available. One thing I don't like about Boracay is their electric always went down a few times every single day. No matter day or night time. We experience there's no electric during midnight and we thought it's only our resort. But after that we found out is the whole island.

Back to the topic, they only pasta and chicken wings available so we end up with pasta. Franky, I gonna rate 5/10 for their pasta because my pasta is way too salty for me. Boyfie said his bolognese pasta taste fine. However, they are popular with their pizza so I suggest you guys should try their pizza instead of pasta.

Breakfast Cost : 630 peso (2 pax)

After finished our breakfast, we went to Bulabog beach to start our activities. We need to take speed boat from Bulabog beach to the platform first.

The first activity we tried was Parasailing. I tried parasailing before at Pattaya, Thailand but that was not really fun because I thought it was not high enough. But this one at Boracay is more fun because we fly even higher! This was the first time for boyfie to try this and was so excited. He keep on talking non-stop with the GoPro and telling how happy & excited he was.

Helmet Diving
After finished the Parasailing, we need to go to another platform for our next activity. Unfortunately I'm not feeling well at that moment because I guess I eat too much for the breakfast and I have a little bit sea sick. So a little suggestion, don't directly to join any activity right after your breakfast.

We then proceed to Helmet Diving. Frankly, I felt so much better under the sea here than platform because on platform makes me feel more dizzy. We just wear that helmet for breathing purpose while feeding the fish. I'm actually quite worry while I'm feeding the fish because I'm afraid they are too hungry until to bite my finger. LOL~ Sorry for the bad quality photo because we didn't take any photos there. This photo was cut from the video. Maybe you should check out the video at the end of  the post to find out more.

Parasailing and Helmet Diving Cost : 5,300 peso (2 pax)

Jonah's Fruitshake & Snack Bar

After finished the activities, boyfie want to makes me feel better so he bring me to the popular Jonah's Fruitshake. Oh ya! Forgot to mentioned all the activities are arranged by the tour guide - Paul. To thanks for his arrangement, we decided to buy him a drink so you can see boyfie keep on talking with him while I'm taking photos.

Boyfie and Paul ordered Mango shake while I ordered Lemon shake. Taste so good no wonder people keep recommending this place after their visit to Boracay! I'm still craving for this while I'm blogging this post.

Jonah's Fruit Shake Cost : 300 peso (3 pax)

Tourist shot
Boyfie said it's too boring too take the normal OOTD shot so he took a few of the so called "tourist shot". By the way, do you guys love my singlet that I bought at D'mall?

Willy's Rock
The Willy's Rock is a MUST visit attraction! They saying if you haven't pay a visit here means you never come to Boracay before. Actually it's nothing special so we take only a few photos.

Friday Beach
We take a walk and found Friday Beach. Love the sand there because they are so soft and clean compare to Station 2 and 3.
Bikin shot
I knew I'm not those kind of skinny person so all of my poses are quite awkward. HAHAHA! Hope you guys don't mind. I'm still trying to slim down.

Popular Sand Sculpture
We passed by this sand sculpture and we thought want to take photo with it but once you stand there for more than 30 seconds there are some kids walk towards us and ask for money. So at the end we just manage to take photo of it secretly.

Lunch @ Andok's
Before we went back to our resort for taking a nap, boyfie feel a little bit hungry. Therefore, we went to the famous fast food at Boracay called Andok's. We thought they are famous because you can find their outlet everywhere here. Boyfie ordered the Fried Chicken with rice while I ordered Sausage & Egg with rice.

Lunch Cost : 146 peso (2 pax)

Dinner @ Los Indios Bravos
It was my birthday eve night so boyfie decided to bring me to Los Indios Bravos for birthday celebration as this restaurant ranked #2 on TripAdvisor.

We are still craving for fruit sake on that day so boyfie ordered a Banana shake while I ordered a Mango shake. Taste so good as the fruit shake's texture are so rich and smooth!

There are only two of us but boyfie ordered too much for the foods! We ordered the Seafood Platter which serves 4 person! It includes a cold seafood platter composed of poached prawns, smoke salmon, pan seared tuna, baby octopus, fresh oysters and poached mussels and kilawin shooters. It also comes with traditional seafood condiments and sauces.

Besides, we also ordered a Ceaser Salad with Beetroot. Basically it served with cured salmon and spicy crispy tofu. Last but not least, a Classic Onion Soup which served with gruyere cheese, croutons and chives.

Dinner Cost : 2,385 (2 pax)

Chilling @ Beach Side
Generally, there's no much choices for activity at night time. So we went to D'mall again for chill. We went to another place (not the place that we went for the first night) and drinks some local beer again. Chilling at the beach side while drinking is a great activity for chill at night time. However, I got serious bitten by the mosquito there and it ruins my mood! End up I need to went to pharmacies to buy an ointment to prevent the itchiness. So, beware of those mosquitos.

Snacks @ Budget Mart
Before we went back to hotel, we manged to grab some snacks at Budget Mart just in case we will feel hungry during midnight. Bought my favourite Roller Coaster and strawberry ice-cream! Boyfie laughed at me why should I taste a Korean ice cream when I'm at Philippines. LOL.

That's all for second day in Boracay. Remember to STAY TUNED at my blog for Day 3, 4 and 5 itinerary! In case you missed the Day 1 post, you can refer to the following details. Loves


- Breakfast at Yellow Cab Pizza : 630 peso / 2 pax
- Tricycle from Station 1 to Bulabog Beach : 75 peso / per trip
- Activities (Parasailing, Helmet Diving) : 5,300 / 2 pax
- Tricycle from Bulabog beach to Jonah's Fruit Shake : 75 peso / per trip
- Jonah's Fruit Shake : 300 peso / 3 pax
- Lunch at Andok's : 146 peso / 2 pax
- Dinner at Los Indios Bravo : 2,385 / 2 pax

TOTAL : Approximately 8,911 peso (2 pax) 


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