5 August 2016

Hola! So today topic is about Blogger, Youtuber and Instagramer. Are you one of them? This kind of social terms have been questioned by some of my friends and even myself. So I would like to share my personal opinion with you guys. Of course, by the end of the day, it is always depends on your own decision. These are just my opinions after all so please don't take it seriously. I'm just  a small potato person and I wish to makes more friends but no wars / drama. Peace!
So I start with blogger first since it's the most relevant terms to me. What you means by "blogger"? A blog editor that famous with their blog, use their blog as an income, or just a person who own a blog? I remember I don't even dare to call myself as a blogger even I started my blog for 3 years. I just said I blog but not a blogger. Until I start to use it as my side income, I only have the courage to called myself as a blogger. But sometime my colleague and friends asked me, what exactly means by blogger? Now everyone also claims themselves as bloggers. A person who blogged for 2 posts also claims as herself as blogger. Frankly, I really have no idea. It depends on what you choose to believe.
Youtuber really just a term that I can relate lately because I don't really make video. Until recently, I only managed to squeeze some time for that. So I consider quite active for these few months. I attended a video collaboration event last month. The event are covered with a lot of "youtuber". Most of them are not with familar face since I'm not in this industry. They came to me and asked, "are you a youtuber?" "Not really, I'm not so active for my Youtube Channel". I answered with a friendly smile. Then they was giving that face like duh, why are you been invited anyway. They directly asked me the figure numbers of my Youtube channel total views. Since I'm not a famous youtuber, so I told them my total views is just nearly 100,000 with humble tone. Then they were giving me the shock face because they told me their total views are just half of mine. Hmm... Again, what is a youtuber in your opinion? A person who own a Youtube channel?
Last but not least, the femes "instagramer". I never ever called myself as instagramer because I knew there are too many popular instagramers out there. I just a small potato person who love to play instagram and that's all. Again, let me share about my personal experience. I was invited to a foods and beverages event as media (blogger). So I was early as other bloggers haven't arrive yet. Two self claims instagramer came to me and asked why I was invited to this event, as in what kind of role. So I smile and answer politely as a blogger. Then both of them said "Ohh, blogger ah~ We are invited as instagramer" Then I was thinking. Wow~ For sure they are popular enough or else the PR won't invited them. The next thing I knew is they asked my instagram id so they can check me out. Actually I'm not willing to provide my username because I'm pretty sure they will request "followforfollow". However, they continue to said "It's okay if you instagram followers are less than us, we don't mind as many bloggers also don't have much followers. We just want to view your photos." I was like excuse me, we are blogger, not instagramer like you guys so of course will focus our blog more than our instagram. So at the end they managed to find out my instagram id and they followed me. They showed me they followed me so asked me to follow them back. I was like what~ I didn't ask you to follow me but now seem like force me to follow. But at the end of course I didn't follow them back and they unfollowed me after 2 days. They asked me why I don't called myself as instagramer because my followers are twice times than them. I don't find it necessary. I just an ordinary person who like to post photos on instagram.

Conclusion, I hope no one feel offence while you're reading this post. I just want to know you guys opinions because nowadays really got a lot of self claims blogger, youtuber or instagramer with arrogant and bad attitude. I just don't like that and I guess no one does. I don't care whether you're famous or not, if your attitude is good I don't mind to become your friend. These days those people only make friends with you when they saw your followers are more than them. It is so not cool. Anyway, I still can see some newbie bloggers are with positive attitude so this doesn't apply on everyone. Just minor self-claimers with bad attitudes. Thanks for spend time to read this post. Hopefully won't make you feel boring because there's only one photo for the whole post. LOL. Loves

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