nowadays, many guyz LIKE to see galz with sporty style ~

not like PREVIOUS, guyz just like to see galz with girlish style ~

do you feel BORING about your GIRLISH style ?


and wanna looks DIFFERENT, COOL & YOUNGER ?

then you should try the SPORTY style

you can still wearing your CUTIE dress on top ~

but you can't MATCH it with HIGH HEELS ~

you should wear SPORT SHOES ~

then, you'll ended up LIKE me -> 


  for my opinion, if you chosen sport shoes ~

i'll suggest you choose NIKE HIGH DUNK ~ 

cause it will make you looks more CUTIE & NICE

here are some picz i wanna SHARE with you guyz ->

   [this ATTRACT me with it's UNIQUE GOLD]

[awh....i just LOVE the GILTTER] 

and last but not least....

 [this is my FAVOURITE] 

as you guyz known....

i'm a PINKY lover ~

and i definitely IN LOVE with ICE-CREAM COLOUR 

don't you guyz think the pic above is like an ice-cream ?

when i went to SINGAPORE ~

i wanna buy high dunk shoes like this one ~

but unfortunately i can't find this kind ~

so hubby bought me the RED colour NIKE HIGH DUNK ~ 

never mind, next time i oversea....

i'll buy like this one ~  =]

at last, sporty look is a TREND today ~

so you guyz should try it ~  ^^


feel boring with your current hairstyle ?

but don't wanna cut it ?

wanna be looks more MATURE ?

this tutorial is suitable for you then ~  =]

the first thing you gonna need is the RIBBON CLIP->


you can choose ANY COLOUR you like ~

but make sure you choose the girlish style ~

if you ribbon clip consist of LACE on it ~

it's much better looking ~  =]

oh ya !

and ensure you ribbon clip is with the 'teeth' like this ->

cause i'm more prefer this ~

the flat one is so easily to fall down ~  >.<

then, use hands to take half top of your hair ~

and use it to clip it ->


see? isn' it so EASY to be learn ?

then you'll end up with like this ->

to match this hairstyle, you should wear DRESS/SKIRT ~

i'm just casual wear when i take this picture ~

which is so UNMATCH ~  ^_^'''

anyway, hope you'll enjoy my tutorial ~  =]


well, it's sunday again ~

as all we known, sunday is a family day

therefore, i always spend my sunday with my family ~

*except when i'm at kl*

outfits for that day --->


in the morning, we went to parade as usual ~

and daddy go to the watch shop as usual too ~

oops! if you guyz haven't know yet ~

my daddy is a watch fan ~

he always correct many branded watch ~

hmm, i think his correction are about 30 units of watches ~

and, all of them are branded ~

so, he bought himself a watch again on that day ~

me, sis & james are waiting for him ~

we feel kinda boring there....

so i ask sis to take pic for me ~

[woo~ i love my legs]
then, sis & james accompany me go ETUDE HOUSE ~

cause my mask is run of stock ~

i need to buy mask again ~

so, ended up with a few mask ~

and, the staff introduce me the new arrival of Aloe Mask ~

so i bought it also ~

just when i wanna go to the counter....

bought a bottle of nail polish too ~  ^_^'''

will be test it later ~  =]

" tick tok, tick tok "

time's run FAST ~

we take our dinner at jusco ~

[that day's outfits]

[my NEWIE sandal]

[that day's look]

din wear con & din put any make-up ~

just pour some lips gross then DONE ~

after we take our dinner.... 

we went to BASKIN ROBBINS to take ice-cream cake....

that we booked on saturday ~

and we went back home to celebrate daddy's birthday

TA DANG !!!!
[is it so KAWAII??]

YES, it's a lion face ~

i keep telling my sis it's looks like ALEX in MADAGASCAR ~

  LOL ~~~~

now let the pics do the talking ~ 
[it's time to BLOW THE CANDLE] 

[inside there is RASBERRY ICE-CREAM] 
 [the DRY ICE make our sink looks like HEAVEN]

LOL ~~  that's what mummy said ~ XD

it taste better than SECRET RECIPE's cake ~

*just my opinion, NO OFFENSE*  

because everytime our member's birthday ~

we also order SECRET RECIPE ~

so it's kinda bored for us ~


you can TRY them for now on ~

but you can't just order it & take it ~

you need to booked it & take it at another day ~  =]



yeah yeah ~

today hang out with HUBBY again ~

before we hang out, hubby come to my place 1st ~

cause he wanna gave mooncake for my family ~

ta dang !! 

hubby said it's 100% SINGAPORE's mooncake ~

and you can't find it at malaysia ~

TCC is famous in singapore ~ =]

it consist of mango & cappuccino flavour ~

after bring it to my house, we went to jusco ~

[that day's outfits]

at first, we thought can watch a movie ~

but, that day is public holiday ~

thus, have many people buy the ticket ~

many ticket are sold out ~  >.<

so we din watch any movie ~

then, we go SECRET RECIPE to take our lunch ~

im on-diet now, so i just order a kid's meal & a diet Pepsi ~

hubby keep saying that my pepsi is so hard to drink ~

not tasty at all ~  XD

i don't have much choices, who said i'm FAT ~ 

after that, hubby said wanna buy CHOC for me ~

cause he know it's my favourite

after that, we went back to my place to watch movie ~ =]

oh ya !

many gals asking me where do i buy my dress ~

this dress is hubby bought for me in singapore ~

but i guess malaysia also have it ~

probably or times square will have it too ~ =]

here are some pic imma share--->



hell yeah, HUBBY is back to malaysia !!

finally ~~~~

on the 1st day, we went to parade ~

[that day's outfits]
[that day's make-up]

just pour some mascara then out ~ XD

at first, we take our lunch 1st at SUSHI KING ~

cause the FATTY gal already hungry ~ >.<

    [kawaii HUBBY]

then, we go for movie ~

at last, i can watch RESIDENT EVIL-AFTERLIFE with hubby


resident evil is my favourite zombies movies ~

other zombies movies are just too FAKE or BORED !

i watch all the episode of it ~

part 1 until 4 also very nice ~

this time is different with previous ~

cause the effect is more dimensions ~

if you guyz haven't watch this....

you guyz should watch it now !!

love the main actress ALICE (MILLA) ~

she's so COOL, even being a mother ~

she's definitely a cool mummy ~  XD

hubby bought a lot of clothes, jacket, pants & shoes for me ~

the jacket & pants is the one that i looking for ~

finally hubby bought it ~

arigato ya hubby ~ =]

after the movie, we went for our high tea ~

then we went back home ~ =] 

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