nowadays, many guyz LIKE to see galz with sporty style ~
not like PREVIOUS, guyz just like to see galz with girlish style ~
do you feel BORING about your GIRLISH style ?

and wanna looks DIFFERENT, COOL & YOUNGER ?

then you should try the SPORTY style
you can still wearing your CUTIE dress on to…

feel boring with your current hairstyle ?
but don't wanna cut it ?
wanna be looks more MATURE ?
this tutorial is suitable for you then ~  =]
the first thing you gonna need is the RIBBON CLIP->

you can choose ANY COLOUR you like ~
but make sure you choose the girlish style ~
if you ribbon clip con…
well, it's sunday again ~
as all we known, sunday is a family day
therefore, i always spend my sunday with my family ~
*except when i'm at kl*
outfits for that day --->
in the morning, we went to parade as usual ~
and daddy go to…
yeah yeah ~
today hang out with HUBBY again ~
before we hang out, hubby come to my place 1st ~
cause he wanna gave mooncake for my family ~
ta dang !! 
hubby said it's 100% SINGAPORE's mooncake ~
and you can't find it at malaysia ~
TCC is famous in singapore ~ =]
it consist of mango & ca…
hell yeah, HUBBY is back to malaysia !!
finally ~~~~
on the 1st day, we went to parade ~
[that day's outfits] [that day's make-up]
just pour some mascara then out ~ XD
at first, we take our lunch 1st at SUSHI KING ~
cause the FATTY gal already hungry ~ >.<
[kawaii HUBBY❤]
then, we go f…

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