15 September 2010



hell yeah, HUBBY is back to malaysia !!

finally ~~~~

on the 1st day, we went to parade ~

[that day's outfits]
[that day's make-up]

just pour some mascara then out ~ XD

at first, we take our lunch 1st at SUSHI KING ~

cause the FATTY gal already hungry ~ >.<

    [kawaii HUBBY]

then, we go for movie ~

at last, i can watch RESIDENT EVIL-AFTERLIFE with hubby


resident evil is my favourite zombies movies ~

other zombies movies are just too FAKE or BORED !

i watch all the episode of it ~

part 1 until 4 also very nice ~

this time is different with previous ~

cause the effect is more dimensions ~

if you guyz haven't watch this....

you guyz should watch it now !!

love the main actress ALICE (MILLA) ~

she's so COOL, even being a mother ~

she's definitely a cool mummy ~  XD

hubby bought a lot of clothes, jacket, pants & shoes for me ~

the jacket & pants is the one that i looking for ~

finally hubby bought it ~

arigato ya hubby ~ =]

after the movie, we went for our high tea ~

then we went back home ~ =] 


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