24 September 2010


feel boring with your current hairstyle ?

but don't wanna cut it ?

wanna be looks more MATURE ?

this tutorial is suitable for you then ~  =]

the first thing you gonna need is the RIBBON CLIP->


you can choose ANY COLOUR you like ~

but make sure you choose the girlish style ~

if you ribbon clip consist of LACE on it ~

it's much better looking ~  =]

oh ya !

and ensure you ribbon clip is with the 'teeth' like this ->

cause i'm more prefer this ~

the flat one is so easily to fall down ~  >.<

then, use hands to take half top of your hair ~

and use it to clip it ->


see? isn' it so EASY to be learn ?

then you'll end up with like this ->

to match this hairstyle, you should wear DRESS/SKIRT ~

i'm just casual wear when i take this picture ~

which is so UNMATCH ~  ^_^'''

anyway, hope you'll enjoy my tutorial ~  =]


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