30 September 2010

nowadays, many guyz LIKE to see galz with sporty style ~

not like PREVIOUS, guyz just like to see galz with girlish style ~

do you feel BORING about your GIRLISH style ?


and wanna looks DIFFERENT, COOL & YOUNGER ?

then you should try the SPORTY style

you can still wearing your CUTIE dress on top ~

but you can't MATCH it with HIGH HEELS ~

you should wear SPORT SHOES ~

then, you'll ended up LIKE me -> 


  for my opinion, if you chosen sport shoes ~

i'll suggest you choose NIKE HIGH DUNK ~ 

cause it will make you looks more CUTIE & NICE

here are some picz i wanna SHARE with you guyz ->

   [this ATTRACT me with it's UNIQUE GOLD]

[awh....i just LOVE the GILTTER] 

and last but not least....

 [this is my FAVOURITE] 

as you guyz known....

i'm a PINKY lover ~

and i definitely IN LOVE with ICE-CREAM COLOUR 

don't you guyz think the pic above is like an ice-cream ?

when i went to SINGAPORE ~

i wanna buy high dunk shoes like this one ~

but unfortunately i can't find this kind ~

so hubby bought me the RED colour NIKE HIGH DUNK ~ 

never mind, next time i oversea....

i'll buy like this one ~  =]

at last, sporty look is a TREND today ~

so you guyz should try it ~  ^^


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