6 October 2010

today imma talk about cosplay here ~

this time i'm gonna cosplay DETECTIVE CONAN

well, if you guyz don't know who is he....

then you're SUCK !

how come you don't know who is he at all ?

   here is he  ->

know who is he right now ?

he's actually a TEENAGER ~

but poisoned by a BIG BAD GUY ~

so he turned to a small KID ~

he's a SMART boy ~  =]

back to the topic ~

he's a current trend in JAPAN ~

many gal try to cosplay him ->


and, i chosen a modal to cosplay ~

here is she ->


 the reason i chosen her is because....

i think her dressing is most suit for me ~

now, let's the picture do the talking ~

at first, we need to wear a formal WHITE shirt....

and tie it with a RIBBON  ->

then, the MAIN item that we need is the SPEC ->


this item is the MOST important to cosplay ~

then, i ended up like this ->


i looks silly here ~  ^_^'''

wanna check out more ??

please CLICK the link below ->
ENJOY ~~~~  =]


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