16 September 2010


yeah yeah ~

today hang out with HUBBY again ~

before we hang out, hubby come to my place 1st ~

cause he wanna gave mooncake for my family ~

ta dang !! 

hubby said it's 100% SINGAPORE's mooncake ~

and you can't find it at malaysia ~

TCC is famous in singapore ~ =]

it consist of mango & cappuccino flavour ~

after bring it to my house, we went to jusco ~

[that day's outfits]

at first, we thought can watch a movie ~

but, that day is public holiday ~

thus, have many people buy the ticket ~

many ticket are sold out ~  >.<

so we din watch any movie ~

then, we go SECRET RECIPE to take our lunch ~

im on-diet now, so i just order a kid's meal & a diet Pepsi ~

hubby keep saying that my pepsi is so hard to drink ~

not tasty at all ~  XD

i don't have much choices, who said i'm FAT ~ 

after that, hubby said wanna buy CHOC for me ~

cause he know it's my favourite

after that, we went back to my place to watch movie ~ =]

oh ya !

many gals asking me where do i buy my dress ~

this dress is hubby bought for me in singapore ~

but i guess malaysia also have it ~

probably sg.wang or times square will have it too ~ =]

here are some pic imma share--->



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