The Popularity and Success of Tealive Drinks in Malaysia


Bubble tea stores are quite popular in Malaysia and TeaLive is perhaps the most popular bubble tea store in Kuala Lumpur. Tealive was born in Malaysia but today it has a proper international culture and presence. Tealive offers a variety of refreshing and tasty drinks. Though they primarily focus on tea-based products, they also serve non-tea-based drinks such as smoothies and coffee. Made from all-natural ingredients and free from additives and preservatives, Tealive drinks are the number one choice of refreshing drinks for Malaysians.

Tealive products are not traditional in the strict sense. If you are familiar with the English style tea and have never ventured outside this safe zone then Tealive's drinks will come as a total surprise to you. 

Malaysia already had a very strong and booming tea culture, Tealive came and capitalized on it. Most people would say that having tea with toppings on top of it was a refreshing and unique experience for them. The Tealive menu is diverse as it offers so many different kinds of options to choose from and Tealive drinks can be also ordered online via FoodPanda Malaysia, within the quickest time your favourite drink will arrive at your doorstep. No matter what kind of tea you prefer, there is something on their menu for everyone. Tealive's popularity can be attributed to their unique approach.

As they put it, Tealive's approach has always been to focus on three basic things. i.e. high convenience, high affordability and high quality of the products on their menu. The concept of high affordability of bubble tea has paid in for Tealive. It also makes sense if you think about it. For most of the Malaysian people, affordability of a product is a big factor. If you ask them to spend RM10 or RM15 every day just for tea, they obviously won't do it. Tealive studied the market and made sure that their products fall well within the affordable range for most of the population. Today, you can have Tealive's milk tea at just RM6.50 and this price is maintained throughout the country without any exceptions. The high affordability factor has not just helped Tealive to become popular in metropolitan cities, but it has also helped in gaining market traction in suburban areas. As the CEO of Tealive puts it - "We are not premium, we are affordable. Our products are for everyone."

Coming to the point of convenience, here too the unique approach adopted by Tealive has paid off. Instead of opening a few megastores in the city, Tealive did the exact opposite. They decided to open small stalls everywhere. Whether you visit a mall or walking down the street, you will surely find a Tealive vendor easily. This unique approach helped them to penetrate the market easily. Had they decided to open just a few big stores, they would have sacrificed accessibility for most of the people. Take the example of some other big coffee stores, how often do you visit them? Sometimes even when we want to have their drink, we hesitate in going because it is on the other side of the town.

Last but not least, Tealive has made sure that they do business with an innovative mindset. Introducing new and exciting drinks now and then so that people get accustomed to more and more flavours. Recently they introduced three new durian based drinks that made from real D24. Yes, the king of fruit can now also be had in a bubble tea. The three new drinks are known as Duriang Milk Tea, Duriang Coco, and Duriang Smoothie. People are trying these new drinks and reviews are all positive. Durian based products are hugely loved by the masses and these new drinks are also enjoying the same popularity.