8 June 2016


Hola!  Today talk about you guys all time favourite topic - #Food post! I have been visited Yellow Brick Road since last year with my BFF Sylvia. The post have been delay until now is because I have too many pending blog post in between. Glad I almost finished all of them so I can blog more about foods. The name of the cafe - Yellow Brick Road is quite memorable because my idol Eminem got one song which named exactly the same. LOL

The ambiance is fine just crowd of people as we need to queue for 15 minutes to get our seats. Well, it's a weekend what to do. We need to queue for the good cafe.

Our foods are served.
Thank god our foods surprisingly came fast! Both of us chit chatting for awhile and we quite impressed with the foods serving as we thought we need to wait again for the foods been served. 

Earl Grey Tea
 I ordered a Earl Grey Tea for myself and I totally forgotten how much is it. Well, it like one year ago. But what I remember is normal pricing.

 HAHAHA! Sorry that I only written coffee because I totally forgotten what Sylvia ordered. I think it is a Mocha if I'm not mistaken. Sorry for not remember anything about the beverages.

Eggs Norwegian | RM23
I ordered Eggs Norwegian which is a dish of Smoked Salmon with poached eggs and passion fruit hollandaise on a bed of quinoa potato rosti. Frankly, I quite love the dish. The poached eggs was perfect!

Chessy Mr Mac | RM16
Sylvia ordered a Chessy Mr Mac. It is basically Classic Macaroni and Cheese. It contains high level of cheesiness so if you're a fans of cheese then you might love it. The portion may look small but actually quite full though.

Chocoholics Anonymous Pancake | RM26
For dessert, we ordered the popular Chocoholics Anonymous Pancake. It's a Chocolate pancakes served with pistachios, chocolate shavings, caramelised beef bacon strips, fresh berries, Guinness or Nutella sauce and a scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream from Fatbaby Ice Cream! We choose the Nutella sauce instead of Guinness because I don't like to drink Guinness. If other types of beer I will consider. LOL. Overall the dessert is fine.

Please noted that Yellow Brick Road kitchen close at 4pm - 6pm and Wicked Pancake Parlour (upstairs) is open from 4pm - 11pm all days except Wednesdays. Till here. Loves

[ Yellow Brick Road ]

8-7, Jalan Batai, 
50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours
Daily | 9:00am - 10:00pm
(Kitchen Close | 4:00pm - 6:00pm)

03-2035 5922


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