10 June 2016


Hola! You guys been asking me the same question again and again. Yes! How do I get a sponsor for my blog. That's the popular question that I ever asked by the readers, friends and of course newbie bloggers. A lot of people always asked me where do I find those sponsors to sponsored me Skincare, Cosmetic, Fashion Pieces, Beauty Services or even Plastic Surgery. I must emphasize I never asked them to sponsor me anything. They are the one who find us. If you're a blogger then I guess you already knew about this point.  Well, today I would like to share my personal experience and opinions on how to get a sponsor for your blog. It might not be work on everyone but who knows? Maybe you followed my method and more and more sponsor starting to find you? Today won't be many photos as my usual post. Just wording, hopefully you guys won't fall asleep. LOL! That's it! Check out my 7 tips on how to get a sponsor for your blog :

You might find it bored but it's true guys. If you got no passion on blogging, you won't put much effort or even time on your blog. Some newbie blogger start up as a blogger because they thought they can use it to earn money or get a sponsorship. Well, if you are, no need to guilty because I'm pretty sure there are many bloggers out there thinking the same thing. However, no passion = dead blog. Trust me, you won't be blogging after 1 year or shorter period than that. Thus, passion on blog is the key factor.

I guess some of the readers knew I  got my full time job at day time so mostly I blog at night time. But you might think my blog actually quite active as I blogged 2-3 times per week. Actually my blog is active but not-so-active because some bloggers actually blogged daily or even 2 posts in one day. Spend more time and effort to improving your photo-shooting and writing skills. Photos and content matters at the same time.

If you think you're newbie and you don't wish to spend more money to advertise your blog, no worries, we have something called Social Media and it's free. After published your post, always remember to share on your social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ etc. It's FREE so what bother you to share it? However, you need to becareful for certain factor especially for Instagram. If you're following me on Instagram then you should know I don't really share every single blog post there. That's because not all the photos in the post are pretty. Of course, I do charge for Instagram posting unless I willing to but sometime if I found out the photo not good quality enough I might choose to not posting it on my Instagram. (Unless is a selfie and I look pretty in the photo LOL)

When you're just start up blog, there might be some strange PR who find you to help them blog about their products or services which is not relevant to your blog field. Remember, don't accept those campaign / sponsorship / events that you're not interested at all. If you're not interested then when you write, the write up won't be great and it will only level down your post quality. You should only choose what you're interested.

Whenever I rejected some of the offers / campaign, for sure I can see some bloggers blogged it on the next following days. Of course, it is always your choice to accept or reject because after-all it's your own blog. However, they sometime will complain saying why they don't get paid for blog post even they spend time and effort for writing a details post. That's why I said don't do it for free unless you're willing to. Some PR agency and enterprise are smart enough to convince you to blog for them with FREE. Once you keep on accepting those offers with nothing and when I say nothing, it means no payment, no products, nothing! Some company even offer very less amount of vouchers to ask you to use them to buy their products. Imagine they gave you RM20 and minimum purchase is RM200 so you think again are you really a blogger or a customer? Anyway, unless you love their products and the products are the one that you need right one of course you can do it for free because you're willing to. No forcing.

Human's mind are full of questions. They will ask many questions daily. Whenever people ask you about something and you blogged about it before, it's the best time to ask them to check out at your blog. Remember, don't too hard sell. Overdo it might makes people feel annoying. Word of mouth is always the best marketing and advertising. And of course, it's free anyway.

Every bloggers has their own personality. Don't become people's shadow. Just be yourself and if your personality outshine some other bloggers or PR like your personality then you're SCORE! Trust me, they will have a long term collaboration with you. Basically you will attend their every single event and use the skincare / cosmetic items before they launch to the marketplace.

Last but not least, a big NO is don't ever ask bloggers to get PR contact because that's really awkward and down grade yourself. Previously some bloggers came to me and keep asking me to provide them PR contact so they can receives some sponsorship. It's always better to let the sponsor come to you instead you find them. It means your blog got more value. That's all for my personal 7 tips for how to get a sponsor for your blog. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading. Loves


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