15 June 2016


Annyeonghaseyo!  Yes, I'm talking about Korean beauty again. Once you start using Korean skincare, you can't go back. Today, let me introducing the new skincare brand originally from Korea - Gobdigoun. I'm glad that I have been invited to review their products and appreciate they sent the products to me all the way from South Korea!

The products that I received from Gobdigoun 
Since 2010, Gobdigoun was started the business in Korea. Compare with the lower price skincare products in Korea, the products of Gobdigoun are with high quality and middle to higher price products. Among the products of Gobdigoun, 24K Golden Cream of Placenta Power and Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask, are the best selling products in China, Taiwan and Japan's market.
The Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask (Australian Placental Power)
This would be my very first time to use Placenta series. Placenta is the critical organ for one’s growth and nurturing in their fetal period. It’s considered having a high level of fundamental nutrition and improving skin respiration, fine wrinkles and rough skins as well as having lower levels of toxicity. Gobdigoun’s Placenta Power’s sheep placental ingredient include plentiful amount of human-friendly amino-acid, functional peptide to nourish your skin with fundamental nutrition.

Placenta Extract knows for its abundant amino acid and peptide. And Plentiful moisturizing ingredients will help you feel surprising elasticity and moisturizing effect on your skin. Bio Cellulose Constructed with similar structure to human skin protein will help you feel comfortable and smooth impression on your skin. So this is how powerful of Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask.

There are total 10 sheets of mask for 1 box. I would recommend you to use it twice per week. Remember don't apply it too frequent. And if your skin is consider sensitive, make sure you test it on your hands first before apply it on your face.

Main ingredients : Sheep Placenta Extract 1800mg (As Placenta Protein 180mg), Squalan Macadamia Terniforlia Seed Oil with help improve balance between moist and oil of your skin.

Directions :
1. Apple skin toner of beauty water, after washing your face.
2. Open the pouch and take the mask out. Unfold it.
3. Take off the film and place it on your T-zone (Around eyes and nose), then your V-zone.
4. Feel free to move and walk around for the next 15-20 mins
5. Pat your face gently afterwards

Verdict : I was surprised with the fullness of essence inside the mask. When I take it out from the packaging it was so 'juicy' with all of the essence. After applied I can feel my skin is moisture and smooth even on the next day!

24K Golden Cream Placenta Power Australian Sheep
24K Golden Cream Placenta Power contain with placenta which providing the means to replenish and nourish the skin. With high-performance, multi-action moisturizer dramatically reduces the look of multiple signs of aging: lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness and dehydration. By using 24K Golden Cream, we mention it is ALL-IN-ONE skin care product which we can only apply it after cleansing your face.

24K Golden Cream Placenta Power is a luxurious universe encompassing various major cosmetic cares from hydration, soothing, wrinkle-care, pore-care, stress relief to whitening. The highest nutritional balance was achieved thanks to miscellaneous scare ingredients such as australian sheep placental protein, shea butter Niacinamide, Galactomyces Ferment, Aloe Vera, Ceramide-3 and Genuine gold along with plenty of centella Asiatica extract (47%) instead of mere water, which is well-known for its protective and anti-bacterial ability.

Love the packaging so much because it's all in GOLD! The design looks so fortune and unique. I'm pretty sure if you're thinking to buy your girl friend a present, maybe you can consider this. Guess she will be surprise when she saw the packaging.

Gobdigoun’s Ovine Placental Protein is a natural ingredient obtained through scientific system in Australia. Besides, its specific molecular structure and nucleic acids similar to that of human enhances the level of immunity, natural recovery, anti-againg and detox effect resulting in dermal relief and product reliability.

Main ingredients : Niacinamide Cer Amide-3, Shea Butter, Centella Asiatica, Australian Sheep Placenta, Aloe Vera and 24K Gold Leaf.

Directions :
Step 1 - Clean your face before applying the cream
Step 2 - Start by warming up a quarter-sized dollop in between your fingers.
Step 3 - Target the driest areas with the most amount of cream by applying it directly to the area with your fingertips in patting and swirling motions.
Step 4 - Warm up more cream between your fingers and start with your cheeks using upward patting and sweeping motions. Your want to gently message but never pull your skin or use downward motions.
Step 5 - Continue with circular motions across the forehead.
Step 6 - Gently massage the cream into the skin by again tapping it over and over until it's soaked in.

Verdict : After tried and tested for 2 weeks, I can feel my skin has become more radiant and fairer. I can noticed the pores on my nose is getting smaller. I'm still continue using it and I can't wait to see the better result. 

Eye Patch Collagen Diamond
Eye Patch Collagen Diamond is to kindling your eye rims with 14 Critical Essences. It replenishing the elasticity of eye rims. It also provides faster and superb absorption. Besides, provides higher moisture, nutrition and last but not least, wrinkle care for your eyes.

Why Hydrogel Patch? Lab scientists produces Hydrogel patch by converting liquid essence to gelatin patch of which effective ingredients activates according to facial temperature. For this reason, hydrogel patch is way more effective than normal fabric patch Hydrogel patch will give maximum level of comfort and hydration on your eye rims.

Hydrogel eye patch can be used as a facial essence after melting in hot water.
1. Reacts to facial temperature
2. Gelatin patch infiltrating to skin
3. Vitality & Hydration
4. Melting into body & facial essence

The Main Benefits :
Gold extract is known for being effective in detox and better blood-circulation. EGF(Endothelial Growth Factor) helps regeneration of old skin cell, similar to the dermatological laser treatment for elderly people.

Glossy Eye rims
Diamond extract brightens skin tone and cleanses dermal layers

Black Pearl contains high level of amino-acid and mineral and helps circulation of facial blood vessels resulting in brightening of facial skin tone.

Directions :
1. Wash your face with beauty water beforehand
2. Take out eye patches only with the enclosed spoon
3. Place the pathces on each eye rim for 20-30 mins
4. Massage the eye rims tenderly afterwards

Verdict : I always prefer hydrogel eye patches instead of the normal eye patches which same texture as facial sheet mask because I found it's more effective. Love it so much and I have been using it almost everyday. One important thing you need to take note is must take out eye patches ONLY with the enclosed spoon because if you're using fingers your nails make spoiled the eye patches.

You can grab their products now via their Facebook page, website or even visit their outlet store at Myeongdong, Seoul @ South Korea. Hope you guys enjoy reading the post. Loves



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