6 June 2016 Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan


Konnichiwa! This post would be the quick one as it is the last post of my Princess Cruises trip. After that I will talk about my Busan,Korea and Osaka, Japan trip so don't forget to stay tuned on my blog. Can't believe today is the last day on Princess Cruises and I feel blessed for the wonderful experience. Hopefully next time I can party all night with my boyfie and friends on the cruises. LOL

Breakfast of The Day
Wakame Noodles Soup with Prawn for my breakfast of that day. Doesn't feeling well due to I'm having period. Hence a hot meal is all I want. I'm having some sea sick as well. I guess you guys would have same feeling like I do if you're in the middle of the sea for continuous 4 days and I'm not taking any pill for prevention. Well, this is my first time on cruises so...

Lunch of The day

Well, still having sea sick so I guess I just want to have something lighter. Of course, some long beans, green peas and potato coquette won't be enough to fulfill my stomach. The chocolate tart and the Tiramisu does cheer me up a little.

Ta-da! Here is our family shot. In case you guys wondering why we dress so fancy, tonight is a Night To dine with Captain! Yes, Princess Cruises organized a night which we can meet and greet our captain. Moreover, we can fine dining with the captain as well. We saw a lot of Japanese women who dressed in beautiful kimono. They really put lots of effort on dressing.

Family Shot before having our dinner
Appetizer : Pasta Wonton
Winter Sorbet
Main Course : Cod Fish served with Mushroom, Radish and Miso Sauce

Grilled Pork served with Long Bean and Wine Sauce
Salmon with Fish Cake (My favourite dish)
Dessert : Mango Tango Cake

Since the Tiramisu is too delicious so we decided to go back to having it in the midnight. Their buffet opened 24 hours so we can eat while we want to. LOL

Awww...I miss my family now although I just back from Ipoh like yesterday. It always nice to travel with family and have fun with them. I can't wait to travel with them again on December! Anyway, sorry for the poor quality photos as some of the photos are taken by TR camera. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading the post and don't forget to check out the video below. Loves




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