2 June 2016


When I met you in the SUMMER! Are you guys ready for summer yet? Well I do! Today post is all about swim wear and beauty! Yes, I'm talking about Pink N' Proper x Claire Organics Collaboration Box. So if you guys are going to enjoy your summer holiday soon and you're thinking to buy a new bikini or grab some body care to prevent your skin get hydrated, why you guys don't take a look at this post. Continue reading to find out more. 

Pink N' Proper was founded in 2011, with the aim of bringing the latest fashion trends to their beloved customers. They offer a wide range of fashionable, ready-to-wear, irresistible beachwear and bikinis. On the other hands, Claire Organics are using only natural ingredients for their products. It's all 100% chemical free, and most of the products are even safe for baby use. If your skin is consider sensitive type, no worries, you can use their products as well.

Currently, Pink N' Proper are collaborating with Claire Organics to have a monthly theme box where there will be amazing goodies from them and Claire Organics! 

Pink N' Proper x Claire Organics Box
When I received the box at my workplace, all of my colleagues are wondering what that is because it looks like bakery or something. When I was telling them this is actually a collaboration box of swimsuit and beauty care they was like surprised. LOL

The box is cost about RM99 instead of normal price is RM200! My monthly box consist of :

1) Max Azria Cross Back Bikini Set in Black
2) Inflatable Pink flamingo Drink Holder
3) Claire Lemongrass Ginger Scrub with Organic Raw Cane Sugar
4) Claire Sunscreen UV Protection Lotion Balm

Max Azria Cross Back Bikini Set in Black

Let's check out my Max Azria Cross Back Bikini Set in Black. I love its minimal design and you guys know I'm always a fans of black. The design has 2 colours which are black and white but I decided to choose the box that comes with black bikini because I looks slimmer by wearing it. I love the idea of the twist that you can actually wear it in 3 different ways.

For the Inflatable Pink flamingo Drink Holder, first of all I think it's cute! I always saw the flamingo with white colour but of course pink colour is more attractive. This will be useful if you're putting drinks on it so you can still enjoy your drink while having fun in the swimming pool.

Claire Lemongrass Ginger Scrub with Organic Raw Cane Sugar
Claire Lemongrass Ginger Scrub with Organic Raw Cane Sugar is my favourite among all! A gentle, exfoliating scrub enriched with luscious Sweet Almond oil. Leaves skin subtly scented and looking radiant. Helps to stimulate the skin and remove dead skin cells when massaged in. Leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and ready to absorb the next layer of moisture. The fragrance of Lemongrass makes my skin feel fresh and the sugar adsorb instantly on my skin!

Claire Sunscreen UV Protection Lotion Balm
Claire Sunscreen UV Protection Lotion Balm which is a gentle sunscreen with natural SPF 25+ is perfect for my summer holiday on the beach! Now anyone will have fun in the sun without the woe of painful sunburn with our SPF25 Sunscreen Lotion Balm. The water resistant formulation is packed with Zinc oxide which reflects UVA and UVB rays.

I love its texture as its not liquid type and the size is easily to carry to everywhere. Imagine you will travel to beach for couple of days, this is what you exactly need! 

If you guys are interested. Feel free to head to www.pinknproper.com and key in <SHINI10> during check out to entitle get extra 10% discount! They are case sensitive so you guys must ensure they are all in capital letter and it is valid for the entire month of June. Till here. Enjoy your summer!

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