Annyeonghaseyo! Finally I'm talking about my plastic surgery result after 5 months! Although I talked about my plastic surgery journey before but you guys can't really see the result because that time my face still swollen like pig! HAHAHA~ And again, I need to emphasize that I'm not encouraging everyone to be plastic beauty. The face is belongs to you and remember you should do it based on YOUR decision but not others help you to decide alright? Special thanks to Banobagi Clinic for the sponsorship and everything! I will answer all of the questions that you guys asked me earlier and giving some suggestions. First thing first, check out my video below for the Chinese version. If you can't understand Chinese, please continue reading this post for English version.



1) What have you done for plastic surgery ?
Rhinoplasty(nose job) and Facial Contouring (Cheek and Chin)

2) Do you feel painful before, during and after the surgery?
I don't think so. But the eating process quite hard for me because I can only drink pumpkin juice for the whole week. I can't even chew anything.

3)  Would your family and boyfriend mind?
They said my happiness is the most important. If I know exactly what I want, go for it.

4) Will it affecting if I'm wearing braces?
Some sweeties are wearing braces(like me) and they wish to go for facial contouring but worry about their braces? No worries, you can still go for plastic surgery. Just need to mind that don't over-shape your chin and jawline. Because after take out the braces your face shape will be change again. 

5) Do I need to maintain my face like go back to Korea and fix it?
Not at all. Don't believe of those writer on paparazzi magazine saying most of the celebrities went to fixed their face after few years. That's because they want to achieve new looks and become prettier. There are no necessary to do that. 

6) Will you addicted?
Another frequent question that people been asking me. Not at all. I don't think I will do any plastic surgery anymore. I'm satisfied with my current look.

7) How much for the whole surgery?
About RM85,000+


1) Find a licensed clinic instead go for the 'CHEAPER PRICE"!
Plastic surgery can be your lifetime thing and don't just focus on the price! Some girls came to me and saying plastic surgery in Thailand are super cheap price, do I suggest them to go? Hell no! Go for the quality one instead of paying some affordable price but get a shitty look. Think twice and don't regret.

2) Do some research before consult
If you have no idea which plastic surgery clinic you should go for. Ask Mr.Google! Do some research like I do before consult them. Don't forget to read the customer reviews too.

3) If you wish to lose your weight by doing liposuction, what was my suggestion?
A big no! Fat will be coming back even you done it. Go for exercise and eat clean. This method is the healthiest and long-lasting. Trust me.  

Actually most of the answer that you wish to know are included in this post or you can find it at my previous post. If you still have any other questions that you wish to know, feel free to drop a comment on this post and I will try my best to reply all of you. Don't forget to check out my Plastic Surgery Journey in Banobagi Clinic (Link as follows).