25 January 2016 Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Annyeonghaseyo  Yes! I'm come back with the #Korea post again. Remember I mentioned I visited Korea for the 3rd time in my previous post? This time I'm staying at Gangnam and special thanks to Banobagi Clinic for sponsored me accommodation. Today post is about a small and cozy cafe called Arte Cafe which is just located behind of my hostel.

Arte Cafe @ Gangnam, Seoul, Korea.

Ta-da! This is the Arte Cafe. It's a corner shop which located beside of the road. Be careful if you're wearing high heels because the road quite slope especial during raining.

For the first night in Gangnam, Seoul Korea, I have no idea what to eat because most of my friends knew I don't prefer Korean foods. I know right~ You guys must be wondering why I don't like Korean foods but still visit Korea for 3 times in a row(year). This is a sponsored trip so yeah~

I was walking around my hostel and suddenly spot this cute little cafe. There's no one in there except the owner so I decided to pay a visit.

Love the ambiance of this cafe because it's tidy and yet cozy. The green leather cushion chair is comfortable compare to the ordinary thin woody chair that cafe normally use.

Love this illustration that hang on the wall as well. The cook on the bottom left looks exactly like the cafe owner. I guess this is the storyboard that describe his cooking journey.

The cafe provides some magazine for you to read as well. 

When I spotted this I was like WOW~ He received this Italian awards means he is good in making pizza. Unfortunately I can't finish the pizza alone so end up order panini instead of pizza.

When I enter, the owner is smiling happily and keep saying Korean language to me. Unfortunately I don't speak any so I ask whether can he understand English but he keep shaking his head so I guess it's not. He showed me the menu but obviously all the words are in Korean so I asked what sandwiches does he have and he told me everything. At the end I order a Ham & Cheese Panini with hot black coffee(comes in a set) and a mushroom soup. If I'm not mistaken, it cost me about 10,500 won | RM37.64.

The set dinner is comes with a beverage. It's either soft drink or coffee. I don't want to drink sweet stuff so I had chosen coffee. Spotted a lot of pickles in the a jar and I guess I will see it in my panini as well. LOL

Oh ya~ Please noted that the indoor is non-smoking area. If you guys wish to smoke, maybe you can order and sit outside, They do have table and chairs at outdoor as well.

Mushroom Soup | Arte Cafe @ Gangnam, Seoul, Korea.

The portion is quite small I could say but the mushroom soup is quite creamy so I like it. The creamy taste not so strong so no worries if you not a fans of cream.

Black Coffee | Arte Cafe @ Gangnam, Seoul, Korea.
This would be my very first time to try on the black coffee because normally I will choose Cappuccino or Mocha. Although I'm a tea person but I feel this black coffee was quite good I guess? The coffee fragrance was nice and the portion is quite huge so I can't finish it. However, drinking this while the weather in Seoul is about 4°C is actually feel so good~

Ham & Cheese Panini | Arte Cafe @ Gangnam, Seoul, Korea.

Yippiee~ Finally my Ham & Cheese Panini are served. I'm not a fans of tomato and I have no idea why the tomatoes inside the panini are so sweet and juicy! I fall in love with it! Not to mentioned the onion is fresh and delicious as well. Never regret to order this.

The guy who looking at my camera is the owner. Thanks for your friendly services and delicious meals. I tried to search about this cafe via online and I can't find info about it. Hopefully if you guys drop by at Gangnam can pay a visit. It's not the franchise cafe but it's worth to visit. Loves


Arte Cafe is located corner, nearby Yeoksam Station - Exit 6
Opposite GS 25 convenient store.

(Since the owner don'tknow how to speak English at all and don't have name card thus I noly provided you guys with limit info.)


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  1. is it that every cafe in Korea looks so cute and pretty? :D i wish i can go and chill there!

  2. looks amazing. I might just drop by with my girls... huhuh when we head there in June...

  3. the food look delicious and the place is amazing...