Hola  I'm so excited to blog about one of my favourite hair care brand - Ma Cherie. I means, I have been using Shiseido brand like couple years, their skin care and hair care always been one of my choices because I think their products suitable for any skin type and hair condition. I could said their price worth it. =)

I still remember I knew this brand since last 3 years where my sister told me to help her buy the hair shampoo and conditioner while I'm travelling to Taiwan. At that moment, Ma Cherie still not available in Malaysia yet. But coincidentally, after I came back to Malaysia, it's available at Guardian. 

Have you guys feel very frustrated when you woke up and your hair was super messy like the photo above? Imagine you still need to rush for outing with friends or meeting with clients? Oh no~ You need to hurry up to dress yourself and not to mentioned, set your hair nice.  =)

No worries, now we have Ma Cherie Aqua Energy Mist and Ma Cherie Curl Set Lotion with us. With these products, you can look pretty within few minutes!

Are you ready? Let's get started!

First up would be Ma Cherie Aqua Energy Mist. A sweet, fruity fragrance that is sure to lift all your hair trouble moments with every spritz you make! Ma Cherie Aqua Energy Mist is a water, mist-type, leave-in conditioner that comes in a sweet pink packaging. Containing a honey-derived moisture formula such as champagne, honey, hydroxyethyl urea and inositol that works magically on hair, the " Champagne Honey Gelee" will beautify strands by retaining moisture and adding shine to hair.

With this little beauty in a bottle, whether with towel-dried or dried hair, hold the spray nozzle approximately 5 to 10cm away and evenly spritz through strands to get amazingly lustrous, soft and a silky finish. And the next best thing, you ask? A lingering sweet fragrance is left behind with every sway you make!

Availability : Exclusive at all Guaradian and Aeon Wellness Outlets from March 2015.
Price : RM42.30 (including GST)

Ta-da! My hair become silky smooth within few second!

Are you looking for the ideal hair protector that shields hair from heat and yet holds curl effectively all at the same time? Look no further as they got the Ma Cherie Curl Set Lotion that is here to serve all your styling needs!

The Curl Set Lotion is made from a honey-derived moisture formula. "Champagne Honey Gelee" that keeps your curl strands looking healthy, supple and bouncy throughout the day. It is also the ultimate protector for your hair. Keeping strands healthy even after a hot, curling experience from the hair iron/curler.

Enjoy a great styling experience with this yummylicious, fruity-scented hair product by Ma Cherie!

Availability : Exclusive at all Guaradian and Aeon Wellness Outlets from March 2015.
Price : RM42.30 (including GST)

Remember to spray it before curl your hair, not after.

The outcome

Overall the result make my quite impressed. My curl can stand for all day long even I went for couples of event! The curl was bouncy and it makes my hair looks more healthy. For the mist, it's helped a lot when you have messy hair and you rush for appointment in early in the morning. Not forget to mentioned, both of their fragrance was smell nice. Thus, it can act like your perfume on your hair. Which girl doesn't like to smell nice right? Last but not least, love their design because it was pinky and fancy. So me! LOL

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Bonjour  I'm back! After the previous post, my Facebook inbox and WeChat was full with the "congratulations greeting" that I'm not single anymore. LOL~ Thanks guys, I really appreciate that. Some of my friends are even saying that was a shocking news. HAHAHA~ Is it? You guys really think like that? =D

Back to the topic. If you're my loyal reader, then you should know I blogged about Hermo.my before. I blogged about them on the jelly / gel mask that I'm using and the eye mask as well.

Fyi, Hermo.my is the leading beauty e-commerce website in Malaysia that has partnered with more than 200 brands locally and internationally. Hermo was founded with a simple mission to save your time and money spent shopping for beauty products and hard-to-get overseas products. It’s as easy as Turnin’ Beauty in a Click so start your beauty journey with Hermo now!

So last week, I received this. The Pobling Mini Ion Applicator is made in Korea and is the first of its kind. Galvanic Ion that uses the principle of ionization with the nature of same poles pushing each other, the applicator vibrates gently to help deliver cosmetic nutrients deep into the skin effectively. It is more efficient and hygienic than applying skincare products with your bare hands. Hermo is the first in the market to bring this into Malaysia.

How it works : 
The Pobling Mini Ion Applicator ionises the nutrients to help it be more easily absorbed by the skin.

How to use : 
Apply the cosmetics or skincare evenly on your face. Gently hold the bottom of the applicator with your palm and place the head of the applicator on your skin. The applicator starts to vibrate upon contact with the skin. Massage gently on skin for 5 minutes by moving from the outside to inside.

Hermo Selling Price : RM38.00
Retail Price : RM58.00

Link to product: http://bit.ly/1gy4A5j

I personally think after I applied my daily skin care and use this applicator, the essence can be absorb even 2 times faster than normal. You can use it by apply any skin care you want eg. lotion, toner, serum, moisturizer, gel, sunscreen and more. Besides, I also found that it can makes my skin even more elastic and firm. Maybe because of the vibration I guess? I also like the fact that the power of the vibration is just appropriate for me. Not to high not to low, if the power is too high I guess I need to ban it for spoiling my skin. HAHAHA. The only thing that I hope can be improve would be the auto vibration. I hope it got the ON OFF button so whenever I want it to stop vibrating I can just switch it off because now the situation is whenever it touches my skin, it will auto vibrating.

Hermo is currently having a Hot Deal promo on the Pobling Mini Ion Applicator 
from now till 3rd August 2015
CLICK HERE for more info.

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Bonjour  Finally I blog about my #birthday sweet escape for this year! Yippee, this year was the special one because my status had changed. Oopsie~ Did I said something? Well yup, I'm not single anymore. Teehee.

Hola  Today most is all about #makeup. For me, I think makeup is like an accessories. You may no need it but sometime it makes you looks even more gorgeous. I knew there are so many asian guys saying the power of makeup is so 'powerful' which makes girls look huge different on before & after makeup applied. But have you seen air-hostess or model with no makeup? It's some kind of manner. It's always depends on what kind of situation. For instance, if you're attending a dinner, makeup is a must. However, if you just chill at home with your family or friends, makeup is not necessary. =)

Hola  First time ever I blog about #automobile here! You guys can see I had created the new hashtag  for the label. LOL~ If you're my close friends, then you should I'm a huge fans of automobile especially super car. I know right~ Even I'm a girl. =)  However, I don't really blog about cars here because I'm more prefer to talk instead of typing. I guess maybe next time I should blog more about automobile so I can gain more male readers? =D

(*New price after GST 6% effective from 1 April 2015)

Honda Malaysia set a new benchmark in quality, affordable sedan with the launch of All-New City today. This 4th Generation City is the highly anticipated sedan in the B-segment, receiving 1,800 bookings, and positive feedback during the pre-launch events last month.

First introduced to the world in 1996, the City has brought joy to more than 2.2 million customers in 55 countries. Since its debut, the City has become the benchmark for others, representing comfort and spaciousness, alongside advanced technologies that are always exceeding customers’ expectations.

The City is Honda Malaysia’s best-selling sedan since its introduction to the local market in 2001, registering more than 145,000 units on Malaysian roads. The success of this model elevated Honda to be one of the leading brands in Malaysia.

Me posing with the latest version of City. 

So I was invited to test drive the latest edition of Honda City. I drove honda city(older version) when I was at my hometown Ipoh because it was belongs to my younger sister. Thus, it would be great that I can test drive the latest version so I can compare both of them.

Front | Side | Back view
(Click to enlarge)

Inside view 

“Keeping to our commitment to provide affordable, value for money models for everyone, Honda Malaysia will be introducing for the first time, 4 variants of the All-New City, namely the City S, City S+, City E and City V. The expansion of the range of variants is in response to customer feedback and market demands. The wide range of variants provides an opportunity for customers to own a global sedan with class-leading features, at their level of requirement,” Mr. Ueno added.

The All-New City also offers top safety features that prioritize driver and passengers. It has class-leading 6 Airbags (V variant - including Dual Front SRS Airbags, i-Side Airbags and Side Curtain Airbags), Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) (E and V variant), Hill Start Assist (E and V variant), Emergency Stop Signal (E and V variant) and ISOFIX features.

This latest generation of City is powered by the improved 1.5L SOHC i-VTEC engine (maximum power 120PS @ 6,600 rpm and maximum torque 145Nm @ 4,600 rpm) coupled with the advanced new Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) that was developed under Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology to provide the perfect combination of driving performance and fuel economy. Additionally, for the first time, the ECON mode is now a standard feature in the All-New City across all variants to further improve the vehicle’s fuel usage with the push of a button.

To further provide convenience and practicality, the All-New City is equipped with advanced features such Smart Entry and Push Start button (E and V variant), Cruise Control (V variant), a 7” Display Audio with MirrorLink function (V variant), 8 Speakers (the most in its segment) (V variant), Multi Information Combination Meter, Rear Ventilation Air Conditioning (E and V variant), 2 USB Jacks (V variant), 3 Power Sockets (E and V variant), 8 Cup Holders and smart storage compartments. The advanced Steering Wheel Hands Free Telephone Control (S+, E and V variant) and Steering Wheel Voice Recognition Control (V variant) are connected with the vehicle’s infotainment system to provide convenience at the driver’s fingertips.

The “Man Maximum, Machine Minimum” philosophy has been used as the core of the car’s development. By placing emphasis on premium comfort, the All-New City provides overwhelming cabin space especially in the rear space, for unrivalled comfort to both driver and passengers. The All-New City also offers the largest boot space in its class at 536L and is able to fit bulky items of up to 3 large suitcases or 4 small ones, golf bags and a baby pram, making it very convenient for road trips with friends or family.

 How big is the boot space? Check this out~

Not enough? It can even fit in 3 of us! 

LOL~ Silly me

Time to test drive! 

First up, the driver was Fish. We take turns to test drive and 3 of us in a group. 

  We then head to Putrajaya Marina Complex for water sport activities. Love it candid shot from the photographer. No one was looking for the camera except me. LOL

YES! Flying Board was one of the activity! Coach - Dino demonstrating to us how to play it. 

Okay. I'm ready and get excited!! 

LOL~ My hilarious face. At first I thought it was easy until I get into the water it was actually not easy at all. The 'flying machine' that I'm wearing was weight 9kg so it was actually quite heavy. No worries if you're not a swimmer because they will prepare floating jacket for you so you still can float on the water even the 'flying machine' was heavy. I'm a swimmer myself and during the whole process, another staff keep encourage me saying I'm a good swimmer so I can handle this and finally I did!  He even counted for me, I fly for total 6 times because the playing period was only about 20 minutes. =( Hopefully I can play it next time. It was FUN guys!! 

Check out the video below if you want to see it live :

Took our lunch after the water-sport activities. We all are so exhausted. 

 Oh yeah~ My turn to drive.

We also head to another place to test the Anti-lock Braking System(ABS). The ABS helps prevent the wheels from locking in emergency breaking situations and on slippery road surfaces. It increases vehicle stability and control during deceleration to help you avoid accidents.

Last but not least, the group photo.  =)

The All-New City is available in 5 colours : Modern Steel Metallic, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Taffeta White, Crystal Black Pearl and a new attractive colour of Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic.

Honda Malaysia offers 5-year warranty with unlimited mileage and service interval is 10,000km to provide further ease to customers to make the City the vehicle of their choice. The All-New City will also come in 2 accessory packages consisting of Honda’s Premium Package (RM1,503.80*) and Honda’s Modulo Package (RM3,508.30*) to enable customers to customize their vehicle.

You may view the specification HERE

For more information on the All-New City or to book a test drive, visit any of the 82 dealers nationwide or please call Honda’s Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020,

For more info, kindly visit : 

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