[REVIEW] Hair Pampering with Ma Chérie

Hola  I'm so excited to blog about one of my favourite hair care brand - Ma Cherie. I means, I have been using Shiseido brand like couple years, their skin care and hair care always been one of my choices because I think their products suitable for any skin type and hair condition. I could said their price worth it. =)

I still remember I knew this brand since last 3 years where my sister told me to help her buy the hair shampoo and conditioner while I'm travelling to Taiwan. At that moment, Ma Cherie still not available in Malaysia yet. But coincidentally, after I came back to Malaysia, it's available at Guardian. 

Have you guys feel very frustrated when you woke up and your hair was super messy like the photo above? Imagine you still need to rush for outing with friends or meeting with clients? Oh no~ You need to hurry up to dress yourself and not to mentioned, set your hair nice.  =)

No worries, now we have Ma Cherie Aqua Energy Mist and Ma Cherie Curl Set Lotion with us. With these products, you can look pretty within few minutes!

Are you ready? Let's get started!

First up would be Ma Cherie Aqua Energy Mist. A sweet, fruity fragrance that is sure to lift all your hair trouble moments with every spritz you make! Ma Cherie Aqua Energy Mist is a water, mist-type, leave-in conditioner that comes in a sweet pink packaging. Containing a honey-derived moisture formula such as champagne, honey, hydroxyethyl urea and inositol that works magically on hair, the " Champagne Honey Gelee" will beautify strands by retaining moisture and adding shine to hair.

With this little beauty in a bottle, whether with towel-dried or dried hair, hold the spray nozzle approximately 5 to 10cm away and evenly spritz through strands to get amazingly lustrous, soft and a silky finish. And the next best thing, you ask? A lingering sweet fragrance is left behind with every sway you make!

Availability : Exclusive at all Guaradian and Aeon Wellness Outlets from March 2015.
Price : RM42.30 (including GST)

Ta-da! My hair become silky smooth within few second!

Are you looking for the ideal hair protector that shields hair from heat and yet holds curl effectively all at the same time? Look no further as they got the Ma Cherie Curl Set Lotion that is here to serve all your styling needs!

The Curl Set Lotion is made from a honey-derived moisture formula. "Champagne Honey Gelee" that keeps your curl strands looking healthy, supple and bouncy throughout the day. It is also the ultimate protector for your hair. Keeping strands healthy even after a hot, curling experience from the hair iron/curler.

Enjoy a great styling experience with this yummylicious, fruity-scented hair product by Ma Cherie!

Availability : Exclusive at all Guaradian and Aeon Wellness Outlets from March 2015.
Price : RM42.30 (including GST)

Remember to spray it before curl your hair, not after.

The outcome

Overall the result make my quite impressed. My curl can stand for all day long even I went for couples of event! The curl was bouncy and it makes my hair looks more healthy. For the mist, it's helped a lot when you have messy hair and you rush for appointment in early in the morning. Not forget to mentioned, both of their fragrance was smell nice. Thus, it can act like your perfume on your hair. Which girl doesn't like to smell nice right? Last but not least, love their design because it was pinky and fancy. So me! LOL

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