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Hello~  After I blogged about pamper my hair on previous post, I think I should continue to the topic of #hair review. Yes. today post is all about pamper my hair again. All thanks to MoltoBene and IMP Hair Studio, I got the opportunity to try the Deep Layer 5 Step System Treatment from Japan

I guess I swim too often lately maybe? Thus, it caused my hair became really dry and damage. We should at least doing the hair treatment at least once / twice per month. For my hair condition, I think twice is the ideal choice because my hair was super dehydrated!

For your info, MoltoBene has 40 years of history in Japan since 1975 and has listed in Japan share market in April 2015 as "Total Beauty Experience". The brand is now available in more than 10 countries including, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, US, Singapore, Vietnam, Russia,  Australia, Thailand, China and Cambodia etc.

Trendz Empire Sdn Bhd is the sole distributors of MoltoBene Professional products which is a top hair salon brand and fully imported from Japan. On the other hand, IMP Hair Studio is also selling MoltoBene products as well.

They do place their products on the rack so you can go take a look anytime. =)

Loretta | MoltoBene

Devil | MoltoBene
It helps to create various hairstyle by using different type of styling agents.

Moe Moe | MoltoBene

This trial set was super cute! Love the design a lot. So fantasy and girly. LOL

Deep Layer 5 Step Treatment effectively gives moisture to high damage hair. To repair inner & outer hair component, with water-repellent coat the surface of hair. 5 step hair system treatment able to achieve superb moisture effect to the hair. Colored or permed, can cause a high damage to hair, in order to restore the damage of hair, Deep Layer gives inner & outer repair to the hair. Deep Layer - System Treatment contain in salon use & home care, until the surface from inside the hair was carefully repaired , and leads to strong beautiful hair.

There are two main ingredients in the treatment - Kerataide and Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine. Kerataide® to repair the inner part of damage hole hair by carefully penetrate into it. Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine with water-repellent coat & moisturizing the surface of the hair instead of silicon. Flourine is the ingredients that contain in our tooth paste for protection & glossy purpose. MoltoBene use this ingredient instead of Silicon which gives artificial/fake feeling on your hair. Whereas, for flourine, it gives you a natural feeling of your hair that suppose to be with a smooth & soft touch!

[ Process ]
 Step 1 :
A high molecule hydrolyzed keratin (molecular weight: 4000) penetrate into damage hole in hair. (More damage, better penetration)
✿ Step 2 : 
Hydrolyzed keration (molecular weight: 400) made of feather - Kerataide ® (molecular weight: 750), combined with hair peptide fill the gap b/w damage holes to keep result.
✿ Step 3 : 
Repair ingredients are settled into hair by nano-CMC ingredient and Pellicle ®. Formulation with sub acidity helps Kerataide ® molecule gets bigger by combining each other to strengthen inside the hair.
 Step 4 :
Moisturizing Hyaluronic Film (18MEA/Novel Chitosan Derivative/Hyaluronic acid (adsortent type) form moisturizing complex by locking Step 1 ~ 3 repair components & prevent dryness.
✿ Step 5 : 
Contain Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine , Polyfunctional Hybrid Polymer Fluorine with water repellent coat the surface of hair to keep the repair result!
Home Care (H): Home care treatment to keep hair sustain longer before next Deep Layer treatment.

The outcome. The owner Charmaine created the beautiful natural curl for me.

Not forgot to mention about the scent of Deep Layer, is an elegant fragrant treatment. It contain elegant Magnolia and White floral notes, blending with serene musk, it is a luxury & memorable fragrance. With beautiful hair finishing, customers will come back by recommending friends. Deep Layer produce high-quality experience of salon treatments and enhance the relationship between hair stylist &customer.

The owner and yours truly.

All thanks to MoltoBene, I received many lovely products from them.

First up would be Clay Esthe Shampoo and Clay Esthe Pack. It's for the real beauty and health of our scalp & hair. A lot of girls might focus on the normal shampoo for the hair but they tend to ignore about their scalp. Protecting our scalp was essential because a healthy scalp able to produce healthy hair. I also like the design of the cover for the mask because it's more convenient for me apply when my hands are wet. I don't really like the way to twist the cover in order to open because my hands was wet or oily during that masking time.

This would be the Deep Layer H(40g). It's Flourine with water-repellent coat the surface of hair to keep the repair result. It was the Home Care Treatment to use 3 times a week after having treatment in the salon. After shampoo, slightly drain the hair and apply the treatment on the damaged part of hair. Massage to make it adapting. Avoid scalp area.

Loretta is one of their key styling range that is very cute in packaging & with top note of Rose aroma fragrance. The left one would be Loretta Kira-Kirashu(Shiny), create a sparkly, shiny style and be happy all day long! On the right would be Loretta Base Care Oil(120ml). The moment you apply this oil treatment, your world will be filled with the fragrance of roses! It creates smooth hair that you can not help touching.

MoeMoe basically is the Head Spa System Treatment which you can be done at home. It contains certified organic ingredients of Neroli, Petitgrain, Ylang Ylang essential oil, blend with the scent of Jasmine flower, which adopt a sweet and refreshing aroma reminiscent from the earth of Hawaii to keep you away from the everyday hassle, and embraces you with beauty of Hawaii.

MoeMoe Spa Treatment Shampoo enables to wash scalp and hair thoroughly and to make hair lighter with smoother texture, able to prevent hair discoloration & curl keeping. It's ethanol free and non-silicon. In addition, MoeMoe Daily Serum M is daily treatment for home-care use. Soften and moisturized all the way to tip of the hair.

IMP Hair Studio will organize DEEP LAYER launching event on 15th August!
Just call to make appointment and mentioned my name "SHINILOLA" 
to enjoy the treatment with SPECIAL PRICE(RM50 instead of normal price RM250)

Besides, my readers also stand a chance to receive gifts after their hair treatment* (T&C apply).
** Only limited to 30 persons only PER DAY **

The owner which is my hairstylist told me the treatment will lasting and it does! My hair still moisture and smooth even I washed it for several times already. Just remember to apply the Deep Layer H after you done the treatment for 1 week, the effect of treatment can even last longer. =)

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