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Hola  I was wondering have you guys tried to consume collagen before? If yes, I guess most of you consume the powder type right? Well, have you guys tried the jelly type? Yup, today I'm gonna talk about beauty food - CollASTA Jelly from Nutra Choice and it's was jelly type. =)

For your info, nutraceutical is the term combination of “Nutrition” and “Pharmaceutical” which defined as food, or parts of food, that provide health benefits and prevention of diseases. According to market statistics, the global nutraceutical or functional food market is growing at a rate that is outpacing the traditional food market.

Since started in 2008, Nutra Choice is a trusted partner that provides support from the inception of a product idea, through the formulation process to the manufacturing of the functional food and supplements. We have more than 10 year experience in health food manufacturing and product’s development. Thus, we know the problems that manufacturers are facing and we are here to provide solutions.

CollASTA Jelly is a revolutionary and innovative beauty food in the form of jelly. It is specially designed for Asians who are high in sun exposure and UV damage. These free radicals are the main cause for pre-mature aging, pigmentation, loss of elasticity and many other skin problems. 

Make miracles in 10 days! CollASTA Jelly increase the entire epidermis moisture, reduce deep wrinkles and lines, oil reduction on the skin surface, reduce age spots size, reduce dark pigments which result in a brighter skin. 

As a lady, we all knew we aging faster than man. Especially those factors such as sun exposure, smoking, inadequate sleep and unhealthy diet will caused us age even faster!

What makes CollASTA Jelly Unique?
✿ Proven results
✿ 5x higher efficacy than collagen
✿ Tasty, easy and handy
✿ Zeros
✿ Quality assurance

Branded Ingredients :
✿ Collactive™ (marine collagen + elastin) from Copalis, France
✿ AstaREAL® astaxanthin from Fuji Chemical, Japan
✿ Enzogenol pine bark from ENZO Nutraceuticals, New Zealand

8 Miracles Ingredients
✿ Collactive
Increase skin moisture | Increase skin firmness | Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
✿ AstaREAL astaxanthin
Internal sun block for UV protection | Decrease age spot and skin pigmentation | 
Improvement of oil control
✿ Seaweed (SEa Bird Nest)
Rich in fiber and minerals that are especially good for skin health
✿ Royal Jelly
Increase in moisture content of the skin, thus gives smoothness to the skin
✿ Pine Bark Extract
It binds to and protect collagen from degradation, therefore keep skin tight and smooth
✿ Acerola Extract and Citrus Bioflavonoids
Natural vitamin C and antioxidants to inhibit production of melanin (dark pigments), giving lighter skin tone

Consume it 2 sticks daily. Before meal and before sleep. =) Spot my happy face!

[ Packing size ]
20g x 10 sticks 
[ Recommended dosage ]
Take 1-2 stick daily.
[ Serving instruction ]
 Tear the stick and ready to consume. This product should consume straight after opening.
[ Storage condition ]
Jelly may lose color, flavour and may become watery if kept in temperature higher than 30°C. For better storage, refrigerate the jelly.
Color, texture, smell and taste may vary from batch to batch due to the properties of all natural ingredients used.

So, how do I think about this. Frankly, I'm prefer this jelly type than powder type. I don't know it was only me or what, I feel the powder type quite disgusting, especially when you mixed it with cold water, the powder will still floating on the surface even you stir it well. That's kinda gross for me. =X but with this jelly type, I can consume it with ease at anywhere. Just teat and i can eat it. The taste will be something like sweet and sour, Lychee flavour. First time to tried the jelly type of collagen and luckily it didn't disappoint me.

YES! I'm GIVING AWAY 10 x Sets of CollASTA Jelly to 10 LUCKY READERS!
Please noted that 2 sticks jelly with leaflet in one set.

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**Giveaway period : 6th August - 6th September 2015**
- Winner Announced : 7th September 2015 -


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4) Siang Phing Aly Phing Moon Moons
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6) JasJas Teoh
7) Juliana Lee
8) Lee Keat Yen
9) Elizabeth Kam
10) Amelia Chiang

Email have been sent to all winners. Please reply me your mailing details so I can deliver the gifts for you all. For those participants that didn't win, no worries. I will host another giveaway soon. =)


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