[REVIEW] Favourite Pick of CLIO

Hola  Today most is all about #makeup. For me, I think makeup is like an accessories. You may no need it but sometime it makes you looks even more gorgeous. I knew there are so many asian guys saying the power of makeup is so 'powerful' which makes girls look huge different on before & after makeup applied. But have you seen air-hostess or model with no makeup? It's some kind of manner. It's always depends on what kind of situation. For instance, if you're attending a dinner, makeup is a must. However, if you just chill at home with your family or friends, makeup is not necessary. =)

So last weekend, I received a lovely gift from CLIO. 

Who doesn't love roses right? 

 Besides of the lovely roses, the gift box consists of these - CLIO Kill Cover Liquid Found-wear Cushion | CLIO Tinted Tattoo Kill brow | Virgin Kiss Tension Lip

Kill Cover Liquid Foun-wear Cushion that was created with the inspiration of liquid foundation. With excellent coverage and impressive thin adhesion that feels like your own skin. It provides the luxurious and sophisticated makeup that you ever dreamed of!

The 3D dual effect of air-touch powder and glossy-up oil with high refractive index leaves skin clear and naturally radiant. It provides velvet finishing without stickiness. It makes your skin texture smooth and luxurious. 

✿ Air Light Film Forming System
The soft polymer is dispersed and stabilized to softly and lightly be applied while being absorbed for refreshingly comfortable makeup.
 High Cover System
Highest Wear provides thin but immediate and thorough coverage to dull and uneven skin.

 Colour Available :
✿ 002 Lingeric (Bright rose beige with pink tone)
✿ 003 Linen (Natural skin beige with yellow tone)
✿ 004 Ginger (Healthy medium beige with orange tone)

Price :
RM169.50 (set comes with refill)

As you can seen from the before and after photo, my skin was originally kinda yellowish and uneven skin tone. After applied the cushion, my skin become more even and fairer. This prove that it provide good coverage on my skin. I also feel that it's also giving me radiant and moisture at the same time. Normally when I applied foundation from other brands, it will makes my skin little bit dry. However, this cushion won't which is the main factor that I like it.  =)

Next up would be Virgin Kiss Tension Lip. It's a lipstick from CLIO which provide the richness colour to makes your lips looks juicy and sexy.

The shade that I picked was No.8 - Chu 

Love this shade so much! I guess among all the shades available, my favourite would be the bright cherry red. I always like to apply this shade because it match with all of my outfits. You can apply it for dinner, cool chick style, sexy look, party etc. It will work perfectly. Not to mentioned it won't turns your lip into dry condition like some of the brand does. You can see how richness of the colour as well.

Shades Available :
✿ No. 1 Dangerous | Light orchid pink  (Not in Malaysia)
✿ No. 2 Touch Up | Plum pink  (Not in Malaysia)
✿ No. 3 Instant Love | Warm pink
✿ No. 4 Pretty Plz | Coral peach
✿ No. 5 Shock | Red orange
✿ No. 6 Bangarang | Light pinkish red
✿ No. 7 Some | Red burgundy
✿ No. 8 Chu | Inkish bright cherry red

Price :
RM59.90 each

The first 3 in 1 Kill Brow that can complete coloring, shaping and tattoo all at once. It’s a good tattoo through tanning and not with pigmentation. It naturally makes skin brown by reacting to amino acids in the skin just like sun tan. A super resilient waterproof brow that is water and sweat proof with Cross Combination Network film. 

A dual-type tattoo brow is one of the kind that save you time and looking presentable all the time with neat eyebrows. It’s long lasting as if they were tattooed on.

Tattoo Brow:
Tattooing in natural colors that perfectly suits you with D.H.A (DIHYDROXYACETON).

When use for tattooing: 
After cleansing in the evening, before skin care, draw your desired eyebrow shape along the eyebrow line. While sleeping (about 8 hours later), your eyebrows will look flawless even after cleansing and self-tanned. When you retouch your eyebrows for 2~3 days in a row, you are able to maintain the tattoo effect for a long time.

Brow Mascara:
Two color (Orange & Brown) to create the best facial radiance

How to use:
When applying makeup, take an adequate amount on the brush, and comb your eyebrows along their texture.

Price :

Love all these cosmetic, all thanks to CLIO~

Even the Kores star - Gong Hyo-jin from KBS2TV drama also love these pick of CLIO!

All these cosmetics are available at all Watson and SASA stores nationwide.