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Konbawa♥  Tremendous SORRY for inactive in blogging again !!  Sorry to y'all my lovely readers  My sister's wedding dinner was finally over.  Imma try to become an active blogger again ya~  O(≧ ▽ ≦♥)O

So tonight I was plan to blog about my little trip to @Singapore  But some sweeties emailed me saying that it's been a long time that I didn't update those beauty care post.  Thus, I decided to blog about it tonight.  =)

I guess you guyz noticed my post's title is 'OH MY GOD!!' right??  Wonder why I put it as my title?  Because today post is about foot mask and its named as @OH MY GOD♥  But this time, the foot mask is quite different compare to the previous one that I suggested, cause it's not like the socking type, it's more into those 'sticker' form, something like 'yoko yoko' type.  =D  Somehow I found it does work for me cuase this few days I keep wearing high heels so some event, activity and as the bride maid for my sister, so my foots are extremely tired !!  but after apply this, my foots become more comfortable.  ^^

OMG's Moment :

#1.  See~  I didn't lie you, really omg~  XD

#2.  When you take it out, it consist of 4 pieces.  You can use it separately.  =)

#3.  Please ignore my ugly feet.  I just wanna show you how you stick it. ^_^'''


1.  You can found this at @Etude House.

2.  The price is RM39.90

3.  This one is different with those 'socking' type mask.  You can just use it while your foots are tired, no need to apply it every week.  =)

4.  For my opinion, I think it do reduce my tiredness of my feet. (Depends on person)

5.  This mask is not for smoothing or whitening your feet, it just reduce your tiredness and make you feel more comfortable.

6.  Guys and girls also can apply this. (Sometime guyz will feel tired of their feet too right?  ^^)

7.   For any inquiry, please pm me @ShiNi LoLa II on facebook. (Follow me @shinilola on Instagram too).

Last but not least, hope you guyz enjoy the post, don't forget to click my advertisement too ya ^-^  Love ya

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Hola♥  So sorry for the lately update.  I guess some of the readers knew (if you saw my facebook) the last whole week I was keep busying with my sister's wedding thingy.  Therefore, the whole week I can't mange to find the time for blogging, so sorry to y'all my beloved readers ='(

First of all need to congratulation to my lovley sister and brother in law.  Feel happy for themand they're  just so SWEET♥  ^-^   Back to the topic~  Today post is about sponsor again and the movie that I watched with friends on pass few weeks ago.  =)

Last few weeks, after I finished my class on friday then straight away go back home to doll up myself and waiting my friends to fetch me.  


#1.  White Lace Dress sponsor from @MultiColette 

#2.  I feel so glad to received the dress from them, the quality is so good and the owner is so friendly.  =)

#3.  Wanna grab one for yourself too?  CLICK HERE !!  (They're having other awesome clothes, shoes etc too, will grab them very soon)  ^-^

#4.  Simple white lace dress, but feel comfort and quality is good. ^^b

Selca Moment :

#5.  Make-up for that day, so naked.  XD

#6.  Recently fall in love with the light make-up.  ^^V


#8.  How you guyz think?  Prefer light or heavy make-up?  =)







#15.  Naked face

That day me and my friend headed to @Midvalley for movie - Silent Hill - Revelation♥  
#16.  Overall that movie is still ok,  not that bad like some friends said. But of course different people different view.  Actually this is part 2, maybe they're too many people didn't watched the part 1, so they not really understand the storyline.  =)  Trust me, part 1 is more nice than part 2. You guyz should watch it before watch the part 2.

#17.  We took our brunch at @Kiku Zakura, Midvalley.  

#18.  This tofu is yummy ^-^

#19.  The Kappa is delicious



After finished the movie,  @Edwin fetch me home and I sleep dead again. =D  

Okie dokie.  Gonna off to go for movie again.  Ja neh♥  =)

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Yuhoo♥  I guess when you guyz saw my post's title, you guyz will like "huh? Still Halloween? It's about half month ago !"  I know right~  I should blog about this half month before.  I totally forgot about that until just now when I'm editing my other photos then I found out these pictures.

So how you guyz doing at the Halloween night? Have fun? Bored? Well well, the actual day of Halloween is on weekday, so I decided to celebrate it earlier. =)  Nothing special, just went to clubbing with my brothers at  @Ipoh.


#1.  Dress from #Kitschen, Heels from #Sembonia.  (Because we celebrate it earlier that's why I didn't wear costume)

#2.  Look of that day.  My hairstyle is so messy and looks like a Lion !!  XD






#8.  That night I looks so mature.  ='(


Please forgive me if I looks so messy on that night~  Actually that night I'm having dinner with my family and cousin at restaurant. Then suddenly I received my brother's call, asking me whether wanna join them for the clubbing session, then I just straight away rush back home and use the 30 minutes to doll up myself. I'm just about finished my dressing and make-up then my brother already reach my house. PHEW~~~~  =)

#10.  Celebrate our earlier Halloween at @S.O.S Club.

#11.  My cutie brother !! Knew him since we're primary schoolmate. About 11 years friendship I guess?  O(≧ ▽ ≦♥)O

#12.  Good to met him cause he purposely flying back to Malaysia. Another high school friend.  ^^

Didn't take many photo on that night cause we all just focus on having fun♥  That night met a lotsa brothers and we having about 15++ guyz and I'm the only girl !?  LOL~  Just kidding, that night still got another girl beside me who is my brother's gf.  That night is the very first time I was DRUNK !  Normally friends won't saw me drunk during each clubbing session, but that night I guess I drank too fast?  But luckily didn't hang over, just feel dizzy a bit. After that I stop drink for awhile and I'm still continue rock & roll~  XD  Honestly, that night was FREAKING AWESOME !!  ↖(^▽^)↗  I always like to stick around with my brothers cause I'm always happy when I with them. Yum cha, movie, clubbing, or party sessions with them is the happiest moment  Our friendship is more than 10 years but we still keep in touch. I may have some best jimui and they're my best brothers.  =)

Okie, cut the crap. That night as usual we rock & roll until 3am then we head to yum cha session. @Lee Ken  fetch me back home about 5.30am++  and after that I just sleep dead.  =D

That's all for this post. CHAO

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我知道我超久没有用华文来BLOG了,所以今天就特别点噢。11/11 是一个很特别的节日♥  听说今天是告白日♥   单身的我却没有对象给我告白噢,所以我只能对你们这些读者说“我爱你们”  很感谢你们一直以来支持我的BLOG噢~  XOXO

对!!我是单身! 这几个月我一直REPEAT我是单身,可是却没有人相信我,一直问我男友到底是谁。所以今天我也想乘这个机会来告诉全世界:“我现在是单身~”   我真的没骗你们,而且我真的很想知道为什么你们都不信我。\(¬_¬?)/

很多人都问我为什么没男友,是不是我很挑剔?要求高? 哈哈~ 其实我的要求根本就不高,我们女人要的其实很简单,是男人把我们想到那么的复杂。我的理由也很简单,就是我还没遇到对的人。 他可以不用很帅,不用很有钱,只要他爱我,我爱他就行了。或许你们会觉得,这样的话应该很容易找到啊不是吗?哈哈~ 找爱你的人很容易,可是要找他爱你,你也爱他的却很难。何况我说的是对的人?

其实我现在每一天都过得很充实,很幸福♥  我有关系很好的家人,我有很关心,很疼我的兄弟姐妹(朋友),我现在读着FINAL YEAR,还有一年之内就会毕业了,每一天都过着我要的生活。基本上我已经是很幸福的孩子,所以也不算是很缺爱情那种女生。不过当然,有男友的话我的幸福当然会增加很多啦。哈哈哈~~~~  请不要误会我好像不需要男友那样。=P

好了啦~ 最后我想再告白多一次,我爱你我的家人,我的朋友们,还有读着这片文章的你们噢♥  AISHITERU~

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Hi guyz♥  How you guyz doing? I just came back from @Singapore and I knew it's time for me to blog something or else my beloved reader will be leave me. ='(  So today post is actually a sponsor post which I suppose to blog before I went to Singapore.  Luckily the sponsor didn't rush me cause I still got another sponsor post need to be blog.  =)

Have you guyz feel bored about your phone casing?  Feel it got nothing to attractive of?  Then it's time to change your phone casing to BLING BLING !!  How to find the attractive and unique casing ??  Grad it at @All About Blings

Their services are really GOOD and the owner is really NICE O(^ ▽ ^♥)O  I feel glad to receive their awesome lovely items

#1.  You can see how mindful they are. They use a lotsa thingy to cover their casing in order to protect it.  =)

#2.  Hmm.... Guess what is it ??

#3.  Still can't get it?  Btw, actually they sponsor me 2 items eventually. AWESOME♥  ^^

#4.  Ta-da !!  I purposely chosen HELLO KITTY as my sponsor item because I'm a HUGE FANS of it !!

#5.  The back & front

#6.  As you guyz can see it's a 3D Casing

#7.  While this one is the 2D Casing.  So basically you can choose whether 2D or 3D.  =)

#8.  By the way, don't worry about the 'bling bling button' will fall out. As I already mentioned the owner is so mindful, they even provide you the button and the glue for free.  =)

#9.  The button that provided are so many and different variety of colours.  ^^

The HELLO KITTY Casing that chosen by me is actually have been modified since the ribbon is red colour initially but I ask for changed it to pink colour. So you guyz can ask the owner to change the way or style that you guyz want.  ^-^

Here is the website :

Hopefully you guyz enjoy this post ya. Gonna off to go for shower. Tata

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