25 November 2012

OH MY GOD!! (BeautyCare Post) ♡

~ ♡ ~

Konbawa♥  Tremendous SORRY for inactive in blogging again !!  Sorry to y'all my lovely readers  My sister's wedding dinner was finally over.  Imma try to become an active blogger again ya~  O(≧ ▽ ≦♥)O

So tonight I was plan to blog about my little trip to @Singapore  But some sweeties emailed me saying that it's been a long time that I didn't update those beauty care post.  Thus, I decided to blog about it tonight.  =)

I guess you guyz noticed my post's title is 'OH MY GOD!!' right??  Wonder why I put it as my title?  Because today post is about foot mask and its named as @OH MY GOD♥  But this time, the foot mask is quite different compare to the previous one that I suggested, cause it's not like the socking type, it's more into those 'sticker' form, something like 'yoko yoko' type.  =D  Somehow I found it does work for me cuase this few days I keep wearing high heels so some event, activity and as the bride maid for my sister, so my foots are extremely tired !!  but after apply this, my foots become more comfortable.  ^^

OMG's Moment :

#1.  See~  I didn't lie you, really omg~  XD

#2.  When you take it out, it consist of 4 pieces.  You can use it separately.  =)

#3.  Please ignore my ugly feet.  I just wanna show you how you stick it. ^_^'''


1.  You can found this at @Etude House.

2.  The price is RM39.90

3.  This one is different with those 'socking' type mask.  You can just use it while your foots are tired, no need to apply it every week.  =)

4.  For my opinion, I think it do reduce my tiredness of my feet. (Depends on person)

5.  This mask is not for smoothing or whitening your feet, it just reduce your tiredness and make you feel more comfortable.

6.  Guys and girls also can apply this. (Sometime guyz will feel tired of their feet too right?  ^^)

7.   For any inquiry, please pm me @ShiNi LoLa II on facebook. (Follow me @shinilola on Instagram too).

Last but not least, hope you guyz enjoy the post, don't forget to click my advertisement too ya ^-^  Love ya

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