8 December 2012

Sister's Wedding ♡

~ ♡ ~

Hola everyone Today post is about my old sister's wedding♥  Really feel happy for her.  ^-^  When is my turn?  Nia~  not so fast I guess~  I don't want to settle down now, maybe few years later. =D  So this post gonna spit into 3 parts, the 1st part would be the wedding dinner.  =)

Wedding's Dinner's Moment :

#1.  ootd - Dress from Marry Merry

#2.  Happy to heard that most of the people said the dress fit me well. =)

#3.  Using Dolly Wink false lashes.

#4.  Me and my younger sister, she looks like a superstar on that night. ^^


#6.  In the car, on the way to the venue.

#7.  I guess I looks mature on the day did I? Doesn't looks like 21 at all.  >,<


#9.  Selca in the car with sister.


Tropicana Ballroom's Moment :

#11.  Reach our destination. Since we invited 500++ guest, so we booked the whole floor which means 3 ballroom combined together. 


#13.  Before we start, we will provide some cocktail for our guest. (But of course the guest is haven't reach yet)

#14.  We selca again before the guest arrived.


#16.  Me and my lovely red hot mummy♥  ^-^



#19.  Family photo with the Groom & the Bride

#20.  Some selca photo with cousin. Captured by their iPhone so the picture quality is not that good. =)




That night was exhausted !!  Cause I'm wearing 4 inches heels and I run here run there to handle my sister's stuff. Daddy was too happy until almost drunk !!  LOL~  =D

The next day would be the 'Chao Fen Night'.  LOL~  Normally Chinese will called that, it actually means the day before the actual day.  =)  So we invite the cousin & friends to our house for the buffet sessions.

The Moment :  

#24.  ootd - Dress from Nichii, Necklace from Singapore.

#25.  Since we were just celebrate in our house, so I just apply the light make-up.  =)



#28.  The buffet was served.


#30.  Guest started to coming.


#32.  We use our car to block the road. XD

During the eating sessions, we and those 'ji mui' drive out to the shopping complex to bought something for tomorrow playing sessions. I guess most of you knew we will play the 'heng dei' on the actual day.  =D

Finally !!  The actual day~  Sister is officially married to my brother-in law !!

The Actual Day's Moment :

#33.  Early in the morning, the 2 Audi TT keep on horn infront of our house. =P

#34.  This is our lovely TT zai He's so handsome right? Started to miss him already when I'm blogging cause it's been 2 weeks I didn't back to my hometown.  ='(

#35.  Another TT, this car is specially for the best man and the bridesmaid, which is me  =)


#37.  Bridesmaid is here~

#38.  Me and Christina. I love her dress. Like Beyonce's performance dresses.

#39.  All the ju mui with the prettiest bride♥  People normally said the bride is the prettiest when she's married, totally agree on that !  =)

#40.  We love you always SISTER♥  *SISTER's LOVE*

#41.  Me and the best man - Wilfred


#43.  Me and the foc photographer~  LOL~  Actually he's one f the 'heng dei' but he keep capture photo using his DSLR.  =D


#45.  Me and Karen.  One of the sister's best ji mui.


#47.  Me and the pink ladies~

Lastly, hope my sister and my brother-in law will be happily ever after♥  This is just for wedding post in Ipoh. I will blog about the KL one later. CIAO♥  ^^

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