13 December 2012

Cherry Lip Gel Patch Review (SOFT & JUICY lips)♡

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Gonbawa♥  Gonna inform all my readers I will be travel to @Japan 2 days later and I didn't bring my lappy with me, so means I won't be blog on next whole week.  =)  But don't worry, I will be blog once I come back to Malaysia kay?  ^^ Can't wait visit JAPAN again !!  *Excited*  Last time I visited @Tokyo, @Osaka and @Kyoto and this time is @Hokkaido♥  Always saw a lots of hosts introduce some nice yummy foods on Hokkaido but never try before, now finally I have the opportunity to taste them all !!  ^^V  I will blog about my 8D7N Hokkaido voyage once I came back from there alright?  =)

So have you feel your lips are always dry?  Do you wish to have a pairs of smooth, sexy and juicy lips?  Then you shouldn't MISS THIS !!  Today imma introduce a cherry lips gel patch to you guyz

Cherry Lips Gel Patch's Moment :

#1.  Ta-da!!  Here is it~  The packaging so lovely right ^-^

#2.  Back side.

#3.  Please becareful with your nails when you take it out, cause my long nails scratched some part of it.  >,<

#4.  Are you ready to see the BIG LIPS of mine ?  XD

#5.  LOL!  My lips suddenly turn big right? It's actually the lip gel patch.  =)

#6.  Seriously, this gel patch is so COMFORTABLE, and since it's gel type, so it having the cooling effect on your lips.  ^^

#7.  Remember to apply it for 15-20 minutes ya. The outcome make my lips so JUICY & SOFT

#8.  Wanna have a try?  Grab it at @Etude House now♥  ^_^

That's all for today, gonna pack up my thingy to oversea!!  There are a lots of things need to be pack because there will be so cold in Hokkaido now.  HOKKAIDO, HERE I COME O(^ ▽ ^♥)O

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