27 December 2012

Lil Gathering at @Sunway Giza ♡

~ ♡ ~

 Hola peepo♥  Miss me a lots my beloved readers??  Tremendous sorry to y'all for long time din update my bloggie.  I just came back from @Hokkaido, Japan and then need to rushing for the celebration of x'mas with friends. That's why my blog was being dusty, I promised I will update my bloggie frequently kay?  =)

I knew quite a numbers of readers email me to blog about my Japan Trip first. I promised I will okay? But not now.  ^_^''' So today post is a DELAY post again (sorry to tell you that)  >,<'''  Last month, I had a lil gathering with my secondary schoolmates at @Sunway Giza.  At first, I plan to complete my FYP, but suddenly I received my friend's call saying wanna join their gathering or not, so I decided to take a break and drink some beer. =P

#OOTD Moment :

#1.  Cap from @Singapore, Top from @Vintage de Beauty, Pants from @MNG and Bag from @Armani Exchange. 


#3.  PM me if you're interested to the top.  ^^

#4.  Sexy back??  =D

I guess you noticed I'm wearing cap on that night right? I'm used to be the 'cap' person, but after my house got about like 20++ different variety of cap, my mammy started to nagging me why I need to collect so many  type of cap even I only have one head.  =.=  So I stop wearing them for awhile and now I'm into it again !!  ^-^

#5.  Just SWAG !!


#7.  Some net friends said I looks different with the cap on. Hmm...really?



So that night about 10pm, my friends come to fetch me then we headed to Sunway Giza. At first, we thought wanna go for Beer Factory but unfortunately since we are the last minute, we can't manage to get the extra table. So we went for @Idarts Quad

Idarts Quad's Moment :


#11.  Since some friends need to work on the next day, so we just drink a little bit. =)


#13.  We order some snacks cause we were hungry while we non-stop chating.  =D


#15.  This not really nice and it's spicy !

Selca Moment with Buddy :

#16.  Me and one of my ji mui - @Swee Chi

#17.  We we ~




#21.  The Guys

#22.  Me and ah zai.

Feel so happy to meet them and hopefully can meet them very soon!!  The feel that meeting with your old friends (especially secondary or high school friends) is AWESOME Because they are the one who understand you and know what you're thinking all the time. That night, we just non-stop talking about our high school life. Now reflect that, we do really miss that time. If you're still a secondary or high school student, please appreciate your school life and your friends. =)

So that's all for today, gonna off to study cause next week got 2 midterm but I'm still planning about my celebration towards New Year Eve  XD  ADIOS

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