20 November 2012

MultiColette & Movie Day♡

~ ♡ ~

Hola♥  So sorry for the lately update.  I guess some of the readers knew (if you saw my facebook) the last whole week I was keep busying with my sister's wedding thingy.  Therefore, the whole week I can't mange to find the time for blogging, so sorry to y'all my beloved readers ='(

First of all need to congratulation to my lovley sister and brother in law.  Feel happy for themand they're  just so SWEET♥  ^-^   Back to the topic~  Today post is about sponsor again and the movie that I watched with friends on pass few weeks ago.  =)

Last few weeks, after I finished my class on friday then straight away go back home to doll up myself and waiting my friends to fetch me.  


#1.  White Lace Dress sponsor from @MultiColette 

#2.  I feel so glad to received the dress from them, the quality is so good and the owner is so friendly.  =)

#3.  Wanna grab one for yourself too?  CLICK HERE !!  (They're having other awesome clothes, shoes etc too, will grab them very soon)  ^-^

#4.  Simple white lace dress, but feel comfort and quality is good. ^^b

Selca Moment :

#5.  Make-up for that day, so naked.  XD

#6.  Recently fall in love with the light make-up.  ^^V


#8.  How you guyz think?  Prefer light or heavy make-up?  =)







#15.  Naked face

That day me and my friend headed to @Midvalley for movie - Silent Hill - Revelation♥  
#16.  Overall that movie is still ok,  not that bad like some friends said. But of course different people different view.  Actually this is part 2, maybe they're too many people didn't watched the part 1, so they not really understand the storyline.  =)  Trust me, part 1 is more nice than part 2. You guyz should watch it before watch the part 2.

#17.  We took our brunch at @Kiku Zakura, Midvalley.  

#18.  This tofu is yummy ^-^

#19.  The Kappa is delicious



After finished the movie,  @Edwin fetch me home and I sleep dead again. =D  

Okie dokie.  Gonna off to go for movie again.  Ja neh♥  =)

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