Halloween♡ (Delay Post)

15 November 2012

~ ♡ ~

Yuhoo♥  I guess when you guyz saw my post's title, you guyz will like "huh? Still Halloween? It's about half month ago !"  I know right~  I should blog about this half month before.  I totally forgot about that until just now when I'm editing my other photos then I found out these pictures.

So how you guyz doing at the Halloween night? Have fun? Bored? Well well, the actual day of Halloween is on weekday, so I decided to celebrate it earlier. =)  Nothing special, just went to clubbing with my brothers at  @Ipoh.


#1.  Dress from #Kitschen, Heels from #Sembonia.  (Because we celebrate it earlier that's why I didn't wear costume)

#2.  Look of that day.  My hairstyle is so messy and looks like a Lion !!  XD






#8.  That night I looks so mature.  ='(


Please forgive me if I looks so messy on that night~  Actually that night I'm having dinner with my family and cousin at restaurant. Then suddenly I received my brother's call, asking me whether wanna join them for the clubbing session, then I just straight away rush back home and use the 30 minutes to doll up myself. I'm just about finished my dressing and make-up then my brother already reach my house. PHEW~~~~  =)

#10.  Celebrate our earlier Halloween at @S.O.S Club.

#11.  My cutie brother !! Knew him since we're primary schoolmate. About 11 years friendship I guess?  O(≧ ▽ ≦♥)O

#12.  Good to met him cause he purposely flying back to Malaysia. Another high school friend.  ^^

Didn't take many photo on that night cause we all just focus on having fun♥  That night met a lotsa brothers and we having about 15++ guyz and I'm the only girl !?  LOL~  Just kidding, that night still got another girl beside me who is my brother's gf.  That night is the very first time I was DRUNK !  Normally friends won't saw me drunk during each clubbing session, but that night I guess I drank too fast?  But luckily didn't hang over, just feel dizzy a bit. After that I stop drink for awhile and I'm still continue rock & roll~  XD  Honestly, that night was FREAKING AWESOME !!  ↖(^▽^)↗  I always like to stick around with my brothers cause I'm always happy when I with them. Yum cha, movie, clubbing, or party sessions with them is the happiest moment  Our friendship is more than 10 years but we still keep in touch. I may have some best jimui and they're my best brothers.  =)

Okie, cut the crap. That night as usual we rock & roll until 3am then we head to yum cha session. @Lee Ken  fetch me back home about 5.30am++  and after that I just sleep dead.  =D

That's all for this post. CHAO

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