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6 November 2012

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Hi guyz♥  How you guyz doing? I just came back from @Singapore and I knew it's time for me to blog something or else my beloved reader will be leave me. ='(  So today post is actually a sponsor post which I suppose to blog before I went to Singapore.  Luckily the sponsor didn't rush me cause I still got another sponsor post need to be blog.  =)

Have you guyz feel bored about your phone casing?  Feel it got nothing to attractive of?  Then it's time to change your phone casing to BLING BLING !!  How to find the attractive and unique casing ??  Grad it at @All About Blings

Their services are really GOOD and the owner is really NICE O(^ ▽ ^♥)O  I feel glad to receive their awesome lovely items

#1.  You can see how mindful they are. They use a lotsa thingy to cover their casing in order to protect it.  =)

#2.  Hmm.... Guess what is it ??

#3.  Still can't get it?  Btw, actually they sponsor me 2 items eventually. AWESOME♥  ^^

#4.  Ta-da !!  I purposely chosen HELLO KITTY as my sponsor item because I'm a HUGE FANS of it !!

#5.  The back & front

#6.  As you guyz can see it's a 3D Casing

#7.  While this one is the 2D Casing.  So basically you can choose whether 2D or 3D.  =)

#8.  By the way, don't worry about the 'bling bling button' will fall out. As I already mentioned the owner is so mindful, they even provide you the button and the glue for free.  =)

#9.  The button that provided are so many and different variety of colours.  ^^

The HELLO KITTY Casing that chosen by me is actually have been modified since the ribbon is red colour initially but I ask for changed it to pink colour. So you guyz can ask the owner to change the way or style that you guyz want.  ^-^

Here is the website :

Hopefully you guyz enjoy this post ya. Gonna off to go for shower. Tata

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