31.10.12 | Delicious Day ♡

31 October 2012

~ ♡ ~

Hihi everyone♥  Today is the BEST time for blogging !!  Because I will be going to @Singapore on this coming Friday, so I won't be blogging on this few days.  O(≧ ▽ ≦♥)O  Feel so freaking EXCITED~  Because @Singapore is just like my 4th home, I went there every year.  Hopefully this time I can shop till drop like previous.  SINGAPORE HERE I COME AGAIN

I guess most of y'all noticed my today post's title is 'delicious day' right?  Cause this post is about the outing with mua beloved family on last 2 weeks ago. Some of the readers knew everytime I hang out with my family  we always eat yummy foods, so of course this time we done the same thing. (Seriously, when I blogging about this I'm damn hungry, so if you're hungry now, OOPS~ I'm so sorry)  ^-^

That day we drove from @Ipoh to @KL because my university reopen and I need to bring my car to KL.  

#OOTD's Moment :

#1.  Singlet from @MNG | Skirt from @Vintage de Beauty | @Burberry Bag from @Japan | Red Heels from @Thailand

We went to hotel for check-in first before going for dinner. This time the hotel that we chosen is @Novotel Hotel  which is also nearby @Pavilion like the previous hotel area.  ^-^V  

Novotel's Moment :

#2.  Seriously, the light in the room was really NICE.  (Really suitable for selca =D )






#8.  Recently like to make 'shock' expression while selca-ing.  XD

#9.  Oh yeah~ #Ferrero Rocher is my high tea.  ^-^

#10.  Love to eat it since I was a kid.


#12.  The view of our window. Traffic jam like HELL.

#13.  Left hand-side

#14.  Right hand-side.  Say hello to @The Butter Factory.  



#17.  Fall in love with the light in the bathroom. SO BRIGHT~ 





Dinner's Moment :

#22.  Dinner at @Duck King, Pavilion.


#24.  Recommended this !!



#27.  The newie sleeping suit.  

#28.  Love it !!


The next day which is Saturday, we went to @Sunway for shopping again. 

#29.  Redky Shini here.  =)



#32.  My beloved parents - Daddy looks so Chok and my mummy is Snow White (skin so fair)

#33.  Having our high tea at @Delicious 

#34.  The environment so NICE.

#35.  The lighting might people feel comfortable.  ^^

#36.  Love this colour. Make me think of Tiffany & Co


#38.  My Earl Grey Tea.

#39.  Ta-da!!  Our snack REACHED !!

#40.  First layer - My sister purposely chosen this because of the strawberry, not the cake.  =.=

#41.  Second layer - The cookies still ok for me, but the choc mochi is yummy.  ^^ 

#42.  Third layer - the Salmon sandwich is so delicious.

#43.  You can how my sister craving for the strawberry. LOL~

#45.  Night time.  Wearing casual and went to @Marry Merry for shop the dinner dress. Cost us 600++ bucks !



The next day again - Sunday.  Daddy & mummy went out for breakfast and left me & and my sister haven't took our breakfast. So we took our breakfast at @Al-Amar express which is nearby @Lot 10.

#47.  Feel so puffy.  >,<


#49.  My Iced Tea

#50.  Me and my sister order this.  Quite yummy.  =)

#51.  The most special part of this food is the French fried is inside.  =D

#52.  Shop until drop at @H&M.  Everything are so CHEAP here !!  ^-^

#53.  Back to @Pavilion again. 




Okie dokie. That's all for today.  Hope you guyz enjoy my post ya. And remember follow me @shinilola on Instagram and click my nuffnang adv. Love ya

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