27 October 2012

27.10.12 | Euro House ♡

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私を欠場?  Just done my Japanese subject's homework.  Hopefully I can register it asap. ='(  This post is about a mini gathering with my beloved sisters♥  I guess everyone also have their best friends around.  For me, I'm the person who have a lotsa guy friends compare to girl friends since I was a kid.  IDK why~  Maybe is my personality problem, too similar with the guyz.  Therefore, I don't have many girl friends, and these two sisters is my best sisters after all since I was step in the high school.  They're so SWEET & KINDNESS to me as always♥   O(∩__∩♥)O

So, the outing was on pass few weeks ago, the weeks before I back to @KL.  Actually we wanna invite more sisters to attend the gathering, unfortunately other sisters are really busy, so just left 3 of us.  >,<  

#OOTD's Moment :

#1.  I'm a PINKY PRINCESS♥   O(≧▽≦♥)O

#2.  ootd - @MNG Singlet | Bright Pink Skirt from @Vintage de Beauty | Burberry Bag from @Japan | Red Heels from @Thailand 

#3.  You can PM me too if you're interested to this dress. 
(Many wonderful colours are available  ^^) 


#5.  Normal & simple look for that day.  =)

#6.  Silly look  =P

#7.  Long time didn't selca with my lovely @Greenie.  Miss him muchie

#8.  I guess most of the reader don't know I was a guitarist before.
(I'm not just a guitarist for electronic guitar, I knew how to play classical guitar as well ^^)

#9.  Can't believe I knew this guitar for 8 years++ .

#10.  @Greenie feel so shy when I say I LOVE YOU to him.  =D

Euro House's Moment :

#11.  Reached.  My sister - @Mei Ki and @Chooi Yee

#12.  My Snow White & me

#13.  Mickey & me



#16.  Our beverages

#17.  My Earl Grey Tea

#18.  My Carbonara (I got no idea why the egg yolk doing there)

#19.  Love you guyz muchie ^^




Since I'm so PINKY in the picture for this post, So imm share a PINKY music video with you guyz :

Carly Rae Jepsen - This Kiss (Lyric Video

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