23 October 2012

23/10 | Outing with Lovely Piggy ♡

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Hola, Gombawa♥   LOL~  Currently I'm taking 2 foreign language for this semester - Spanish and Japanese as well.  Both are so FUN♥   O(^ 3 ^♥)O  Especially Japanese cause I think some of the readers knew I'm a HUGE FANS OF JAPAN since I was in high school.  I learned some Japanese from the anime, lyrics, songs and drama.  So hopefully I can score well for this subject.  ^-^

So today post is about outing with my lovely piggy on pass few week. Piggy piggy~  Who is my piggy actually?  That @Baoer♥  We chat for a long time but this is the first time we meet !!  Feel so EXCITED cause she's a pretty girl and I'm not~  LOL~  


#1.  ootd - Jumpsuit from @Vintage de Beauty | Burberry Bag from @Japan 

#2.  You can PM me @ShiNi LoLa II on facebook if you wanna order it.  ^-^V

#3.  My silly look. HAHA~




Selca in my car's Moment :

#8.  It's been quite a long time I didn't drive by myself. (Please don't laugh me)  >,<'''


#10.  YIPPEE~  Finally I can drive at @KL.  ^^




Before meet the piggy in real life, thought she was a really silence person.  After I met her, okay, I was wrong.  =.='''  She is totally a person like me!  Keep on talking non-stop.  XD

Piggy's Moment :

#14.  She so CUTE isn't she?  ^.^

#15.  She is my piggy and no one can steal her !!  XD
(I sounds like her bf ?? )

#16.  She's so happy and why I looks so blur?  >,<


#18.  Envy her why her mouth can be so ROUND !!  ='(

#19.  Nyappy nyappy~  ^^


#21.  Having our lunch at @Wok Sifu.
(My meals - #Fish Fillet Spaghetti)

#22.  Piggy's meals - #Pork Chop Spaghetti

#23.  Our beverages

Both of us are so TALKATIVE !!  We actually seat at there and chit chat for 3 hours++.  Then we go walk around because I plan to buy wedges but mission failed.  ><  So we end up high tea at @Secret Recipe.

#24.  Our dessert

#25.  My favourite #Absolute Choc

#26.  #Cappucino Chesse

#27.  Tea is FREE.  Because they're doing promotion.  ^^


#29.  Can you see a fatty girl feel so happy to taste her cake?  XD

While blogging this post, suddenly feel so MISS MY LOVELY PIGGY♥  LOL~  Okie dokie, I gonna complete my programming code homework now.  ADIOS♥  (Don't forget to click on my nuffnang adv too ya  ^^)

Last but not least, share with you guyz a music video that I recently crazy of :

Justin Bieber - Beauty and a Beat

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