18 October 2012

Burps & Giggles ♡

~ ♡ ~

Aloha peepo♥  Seen the photo above?  That's my latest photoshoot with my photographer - @CheeMeng. First time need to pretending like cool, feel quite weird. LOL~  But thanks to him, we discover a vintage and nice cafe at @Ipoh.  Are you from Ipoh too?  Or you wanna pay a visit at Ipoh?  Then you shouldn't miss this post♥    O(∩__∩♥)O

That day after photoshoot, my photographer aka friend bring me go to a cafe which is just newly opened and not many people know about this.  When he said we reach, I feel like 'Huh? Where is it?'  Then he said there....WOO~  That shop is the place that we always passed by, but we never notice there's a cafe, cause all the shop beside it are already closed. It's good to have a cafe like this at Ipoh cause Ipoh rarely have a cafe like this.  =)  And the cafe is - Burps & Giggles♥  How is it look like?  I captured some picture, so they will tell you the stories.  =)

Burps & Giggles's Moment :

#1.  Ta-da !!

#2.  Everything's so VINTAGE.  ^-^


#4.  Love the Huge Luggage. ^^

#5.  Remember the 555 Note Book? ^.^

#6.  They don't have the actual MENU. So basically this is the 'menu' of the beverages on the board. =)

#7.  They use the recycle paper as the menu too. So creative right?


#9.  Spot something ??

#10.  YES!  Is the macarons. They sell many different flavours and we order Choc.

#11.  My Earl Grey Tea.

#12.  On Instagram @shinilola (follow me)  ^-^V

Some DETAILS about Burps & Giggles :

Location : 93 & 95, Jalan Sultan Yussuf, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel No : +605-242 6188
Business Hours : 8am – 8pm, closed on Tuesdays.
E-mail : burps.giggles(at)indulgencerestaurant.com
GPS Coordinates  :4.596488,101.07733 (Estimated)

Hope you guyz will enjoy there. Tata♥  O(≧▽≦♥)O

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