16 October 2012

16.10.12 | Lil Outing with Lydia ♡

~ ♡ ~

Bonjour peeps♥  Gonna blog now cause later on imma need to go salon to cut my precious hair. Today post is about a lil outing with my babe @Lydia on last week.  =)  Quite a long time didn't meet her already cause she was my schoolmate in secondary school.

#OOTD's Moment :

#1.  How's my outfits ?  ^-^

#2  Top and bottom from @Vintage de Beauty, Heels from @Pavilion

#3.  Love my outfits?  Grab it at @Vintage de Beauty

#4.  Make-up of that day - SIMPLE

#5.  Big head SHINI !


That day purpose drove to @Ipoh Parade to met my babe.  Long time didn't meet her so got a lil bit EXCITED !!  LOL~

Me & Lydia's Moment :

#7.  Ta-da!  Isn't she so cute?  ^-^

#9.  Stand beside of her I feel so old, cause she's just 19 this year.  



We keep non-stop chating about our secondary school life. Although we're not same age, but still we have a lotsa memories about our school.  ^-^  As some of my friends knew our school is quite famous 'crazy' school in @Ipoh.  So we had a lotsa fun at there. 

We had our brunch at @Sushi King and go @Etude House and @Sasa to shop for our masks. Then having our high tea at @Oldtown.

Harvest of that day :


#13.  These mask cost me 120++ bucks
(I think every month I will spend at least 500 bucks on the beauty care products)

#14.  Receive a kawaii pinky box as a free gift♥  ^-^

#15.  YES!  It's not face wash but body wash collection. 
Can you imagine different flavour to apply on your body?

#16.  There are total 3 flavours in the collection : The first one would be #Strawberry.
I guess most of the girls will like this kind of smell.  =)

#17.  Second one would be #Banana.
Not really like that smell cause I dislike to eat banana.  XD

#18.  And the last but not least is my favourite #Chocolate
This is crazy cause when I smell it, it's really smell like choc, so YUMMY♥  ^^

#19.  Oh ya!  Went to @La Senza with my sister a day before that day.
Feel so unfair cause the Ipoh branches are more dreamy and the packaging, design is so NICE

#20.  See!  Even the cover paper also is PINK!!  
Why I mentioned above unfair is because I always shop La Senza at KL, but KL's design is different.  ='(

Well well.  Gonna off to go take my lunchie.  Bubye y'all♥   (^3^)

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