20 February 2011



exam is finally OVER !


that day after i finished my exam ~

i straight away go back home to doll up myself ~

cause later on imma hang out with my buddy !



*forgot to take pic, cause lack of time*

that day wearing my NEWIE contact lens  ->

[without flash]

how is it guyz ?

think it's in black ?

actually it's grey  ->

[with flash]

hmm....it's not obvious ~

can seen it but with flash ~

chanwon & her mr.kitty was late !

so i playing with my webcamie while waiting for them  ->

that day after sweetie & her bf fetch me ~

they keep saying i had lost my weight !

hmm....did i ?

maybe is i'm too paranoid about my exam ~

so, i had lost my weight ~

but one thing i do sure is i looks so pale ~

IDK, just looks like already 1000+ days haven't sleep !

my PANDA EYES looks so deep !

i think after i went to singapore will be WORST !

cause every single day i sleep at 2-3am at singapore ~  >.<

and btw, 2-3am is the earliest ~

at first, we reach at times square ~

we decided go shop for awhile then sing K ~

bought a packet of fake eyelashes with sweetie ~

after that, we go NEWAY for karaoke ~  =]

[chanwon & her mr.kitty]

[lyvia & new friends : jason & nicky]

the sing K section was so FUN !

i just sang one Japanese song cause i'm afraid buddy will mind ~

*normally i'll sang at least 3 Jp songs*

so yesterday mostly american songs ~

jason so pro !

he almost knew every single american songs i sang !

after that, camwhore time  ->

[i LOVE this]

din take many pic cause due to the environment ~

everywhere is dark and we look not nice with flash mode ~ =(

then, we went to F88 to continue our shopping spree ~

bought some clothes at there ~

then, walk to pavilion for another destination ~

meet a ipoh friend when on the way ~

he's currently stay at singapore ~

but he come to kl for a few days ~

and he's back to singapore like me, on monday ~  =]

thought can find what i need at FOREVER 21 ~

but failed ~  =(

for forever 21, i just like branches at 1U ~

cause i can found things that i want at there ~

and there got much choices than at pavilion ~

oops !  i need some new undies !

where i can buy them ?

of course, LA SENZA  ->

bought a lots of KAWAII-PINKLY undies !

using my member card to paid for them ~

not expensive at all !  =]

*P/S : recently found a COPYCAT keep copy me & my sweetie*

*she aim & focus on our blog*

*check out what we bought*

*and she bought for herself*

*i'm pretty sure if YOU saw this*

*YOU sure will go la senza buy things right?*

*gotcha! COPYCAT!*

din buy a lots of things since i off to go singapore tomorrow ~

we take our dinner at subway ~

then we go back home ~

total spending for that day is just only 170++ bucks !

i got improve right ?

never shopping less than 200 bucks ~

gotta 'upgrade' my saving skills !

LOL ~~~~  XD

this post is *TEMPORARY* last post by me in m'sia ~

will see can blog at singapore or not ~

chaoz guyz

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