17 February 2011


hey yo guyz !

gonna update my blog now ~

or else, i'm afraid you guyz will FORGET about me ~  =(

4 subjects exam is OVER !!

now just left ONLY ONE !

which on this saturday ~

after i finished it, i'll hang out with my sweeties !


*hope they miss me too*  =]

oh yeah !

bought a HELLO KITTY hand-free few days ago  ->

is it KAWAII ??

i know right ~

i'm sure all of my CLOSE friends knew i'm in LOVE with hello kitty ~

so i'm happy that i bought this ~

[listen radio with my HTC]

my next MISSION is to buy PINKLY HELLO KITTY phone case....

it's for my 'REDKY' HTC ~

'redky' is i named for my phone ~ 

put my hand-free inside my magic bag....

and imma bring it along to singapore too ~  ^^

okie dokie ~

time for do revision for my LAST subject ~


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