2 December 2010


YES! today imma blog about LIESE

last week, my friend help me dye my hair using liese ->


there are many type of colour of dye hair solution ~

the colour that i chosen is Marshmallow Brown->


this dye hair solution is specialize on BUBBLE !

so that you can dye your hair even !

and, it's healthy for our hair ~

what i means is won't make your hair too dry ~  =] 

but, for those people dye their hair 1st time....

or skin consider sensitive....

please test it on your skin the day before dye your hair ~

in case your skin or hair sensitive to it's solution ~
the behind of the box contains of instruction ->

[the contents]

inside there consist of a piece of instruction paper ~

which got both chinese & english version ~

for those 'banana' or people like me[BAD in chinese]....

you guyz can refer to english version ~  =]

the main ingredients are this 2 things ->

now, imma let's the pictures do the talking!  ^^

 1. at first, pour the solution to empty bottle.

2. step 1 completed. 

3. change the top & shake the bottle in order to create bubble.

 4. then, press the bubble out.

 [after that, you can start pour it on your hair]
[my hairstylist - ms.chanwon]
 [just make your hair become like this]

[back side]
after 30 minutes, wash your hair using hair shampoo & conditioner ~
final step, pour this essence on your hair ->
then, result will become like this ->
sorry for my unclear picture ~ 

CHEAP camera's problem ~  >.<

overall, i'm quite satisfied with its result ~

hope you guyz will enjoy this post ya ~  =]



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